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Bill O’Reilly Doesn’t Tell The Whole Story?

Reported by Priscilla - April 12, 2010 -

The wife of the fashionista, sporting a F#*K Obama T-Shirt at a “Bold & Fresh” venue, said that O’Reilly doesn’t “leave things out.” I don’t know if this gal reads Bill’s columns; but if she does, she would see that Bill’s latest screed contains a teensy weensy bit of spin. (Oh, Quelle Surprise!) His column, “Is the American Press Corrupt?” was a whine about how the evil, librul press, especially the New York Times, disses teabaggers. Bill claimed that “Today, we have a problem in America. Entire news operations are devoting themselves not to reporting events honestly, but to promoting a certain ideology or party.” But certainly not Fox News which O’Reilly defended: “The Fox News Channel, where I work, has been accused of this. But a study by the Center for Media and Public Affairs found FNC's coverage of the 2008 presidential campaign was tough on both candidates, while most other news networks blatantly favored Barack Obama.” What Bill didn’t say was that the Center for Media and Public Affairs was citing only the “first 30 minutes of “Special Report” with Brit Hume.” So not “FNC” but merely a small subset. Details! Details!