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Bill O’Reilly Continues To Misinform On Washington Teen Abortion

Reported by Priscilla - April 11, 2010 -

In a discussion with John Stossel, about how parents are “losing their rights," Bill O’Reilly, once again, played fast and loose with reality. He cited his recent report that “a 15 year old girl was taken for an abortion by public school authorities, her mother never informed.” His visual was “abortion outrage.” The only “outrage” seems to be from Bill O’Reilly and the anti-choice blogosphere that takes Papa O’Reilly’s word as gospel. And once again, Bill’s word isn’t exactly the truth. When Bill discussed this topic with his "Culture Warriors," he, incorrectly, said that the girl was "taken to the abortion" by school officials. Fact is that school officials neither transported the girl, nor faciliated the abortion. It was arranged by the independent clinic that operates at the high school – just one of a number of clinics at a number of high schools in Washington. But when Bill O’Reilly has a crusade, the facts are the first casualty. Words mean something. And sometimes words can have long ranging and sometimes violent consequences.

Bill brayed about how parents and not the state should have the sole responsibility of raising their children. (A comment often heard by family court judges facing parents who beat their children!) He continued with the situation in Seattle of a girl “not telling her mom” (who, according to the reports, is anti-choice) “going in, having a major operation, an abortion, which is physically and mentally a strain” (Oh, thank you Dr. Bill) and “the mom goes ‘they didn’t tell me,’ I don’t know how that happens.” Bill obviously forgot his “Culture War” segment during which it was mentioned that Washington doesn’t have a parent consent law. Video of students, identified as being from Ballard High, was shown. Stossel informed Bill that Washington has no parental consent laws. He also commented about how pregnant 17 year old girls, who are afraid of their parents, wait until later in the pregnancy to have an abortion. Bill cited how “there are always exceptions to the rule and always a court mandate…that if there’s abuse or some situation” (What, Bill couldn’t say the word incest?!) "is unusual, the court can rule and the parents can’t be told.” (If the girl even knows that this “exception” exists, the process is burdensome and can extend the time of the abortion until later in the pregnancy.) Stossel agreed with Bill that a no consent law is “an intrusion into parental rights.”

Comment: So once again, Bill leads his audience to believe that school “authorities” transported a girl to an abortion. One hopes that Ballard school authorities aren’t getting threats! Once again he doesn’t mention that it was the clinic, an independent entity, which facilitated the abortion and the taxi ride with a contracted taxi service that ferries kids to any health care facility, for any service, that the clinic can’t provide. And while Bill whined about big government and “rights,” his ideal small government will “intrude” into a woman’s relationship with her doctor by denying her right to an abortion. But here’s a hypothetical. If Bill’s daughter, when she is a teen, becomes pregnant with – say – ah – a rapper’s baby, how do you think Bill will react. Just asking….