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Martha MacCallum Supports Creationist Dad Upset With Biology Book

Reported by Priscilla - April 9, 2010 -

Yesterday, Fox & Friends provided some nice, Christian validation for a creationist dad who is upset that his son’s biology book referred to creationism as a “myth.” But Fox & Friends is, officially, an opinion show – and a Christian one at that – so it wasn’t surprising to see them support a Christian who thinks that God created the world in 7 days, 6,000 years ago. I mean, who doesn't!!! Bill Hemmer’s “America’s News HQ” is supposed to be part of the official newsy line-up; but that didn’t stop him from giving creationist dad, Kurt Zimmerman, some free face time on Hemmer’s “news” show. While he didn’t provide the validation given to Zimmer by Fox & Friends, Hemmer’s treatment of the subject wasn’t exactly “fair and balanced” as he offered no rebuttal to his guest who was allowed, once again, to promote his cause and the greater cause of challenging those evil, librul texts. But the thumbs up given by Martha MacCallum, to Zimmerman, at the end of the segment, would seem to suggest that “America’s News HQ” shouldn’t be included in the so called “fair and balanced” Fox “news” line-up. Ya think?

Poor old Kurt told Hemmer that the school board is tabling his request, to either ban or modify the book, for 30 days. Like Fox & Friends, Hemmer read the book’s "myth" quote. Zimmerman said that if the word myth was changed, all will be forgiven. When Hemmer said that the book was in an honors class, Zimmerman (not a biologist!) said that just because a book is in an honors class “doesn’t give it a license to be inaccurate and biased.” (Uh, creationism is, uh, totally inaccurate but whatever…) Zimmerman said that it was the honors students who said “this is not correct.” Hemmer veered into “opinion” when he said that from his reading of the news reports, “some of the (school) board members say “this man has a point.” As I pointed out, a news report stated that the textbook committee approved the book and a number of parents, at this week's board meeting, supported the book; but you didn't hear that from Hemmer. Zimmerman said that the group was split three ways.When Hemmer asked if Zimmerman could win this, Zimmerman said that “he had accomplished all that he set out to do which was to bring this to the attention of American parents.” (And FOX HELPED!) He added that parents should “challenge the board and challenge the school.” (Let’s hear it for ignorance!) He said that he’s hearing from a lot of parents around the country. (And FOX HELPED!) He advertised his new Twitter “No Biased Books.” Zimmerman said he was grateful to Fox who, once again, provided no reasonable rebuttal to what Zimmerman said.

Thanks to Media Matters we have the follow up comment (video) from Hemmer’s blonde and leggy sidekick, Martha MacCallum, presumably an educated person, who said “good for him. Imagine if other religions had the word myth next to them in a textbook." (Uh, Martha, in discussing creation accounts from other cultures, the word myth is used and I don’t think Fox would object to that) She added, “when kids read things in textbooks, they believe them. They say it’s a fact.” (Uh, right Martha, creationism is a myth). She repeated her endorsement of the Fox anti science agenda, “good for him.”

Note: Media Matters has the context of the quote. It appears that “on page 299 that they were specifically talking about state laws passed in the '70s and '80s that mandated teaching biblical creation alongside evolution, and how those laws were overturned by the courts.”

Comment: As the “church lady” would say “isn’t it special” that Fox News is aiding and abetting book banning. But it’s not surprising given that their “opinion” side provided blatant support for the conservative members of the Texas school board who want to rewrite history to fit conservative Christian standards. It should go without saying that these same board members support the creationist myth. And while Zimmerman’s appearance on Fox & Friends was part of their right wing opinion format, his appearance on a “news” show would seem to indicate that Fox “news” is endorsing and promoting his cause – which seems to go beyond just this textbook. MacCallum’s supportive comment, “good for him,” clearly shows that Fox “News” is endorsing and promoting those fundamentalist Christians who seek to abandon the scientific method in favor of religion and force the reality based community to accept their demands. Should a “news” network facilitate the agenda of the radical Christian right? If so, then the “America” of “America’s News HQ” isn’t the religiously diverse America that I live in!