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Gretchen Carlson Shows Some Love To Approved Persecuted Christian

Reported by Priscilla - April 9, 2010 -

While Brian Kilmeade could barely hide his contempt for a Mennonite Christian who does not agree that his school should play the National Anthem, former Miss America and very good Christian Gretchen Carlson didn’t hide her righteous Christian indignation over a Fox & Friend approved Chistian student who is “fighting back after he was force to change the closing words of his welcome address to other students from God bless to good luck.” On Noooooo, as Gretch asked “why are school officials trying to silence one of their star students?” So if you’re a pacifist Mennonite – fahgetaboutit! But if you walk with Jesus and Fox & Friends, it’s hosanna in the highest. Go figure!

Former Miss Minnesota was excited about this newest example of evil, libruls trying to force their satanic, secular ways onto God loving Christians. She interviewed Chaz Riley, who is filing the lawsuit against a Florida high school and his lawyer – get ready for it – Mat Staver, from one of the premier places for persecuted Christians, Liberty Counsel. Staver has made several appearances on Fox & Friends, most recently during a segment on the Rifqa Bary case during which Gretchen "cheerleaded" for the Christians who supported Bary's desire to leave her Muslim parents' home. Gretchen was all smiles as she asked Riley how he signed off his letter. He said that the school told him to remove the “God Bless.” When Gretch asked him what his reaction was, he said the he “was upset and didn’t know what to do.” Carlson said “you decided to take legal action and that brings us to Matthew Staver.” The chyron read: “Fighting For Free Speech, Student To Sue School Over Censorship.” (For Fox & Friends, the First Amendment applies only to good Christians! Code Pink, not so much) Staver was “outraged” because “God Bless is a general term that we’ve used in the history of America and for them to say that’s crossing the line between church and state is just outrageous.” He said that this “was a pattern” at Riley’s school.and that “Chaz is the most recent victim of the ACLU” (A group that supports “free speech!) “who have been intimidating school officials for several months.” He said that this “should stop” and that “Christians shouldn’t have to go in closets.” Good Christian Gretchen smiled and said “right” and said she was thinking about how “every President of the United States ends almost every address to the nation” (her voice rising) “with God Bless.” Staver said that all 50 state constitutions mention God along with the Declaration of Independence. (He didn’t say that the US Constitution makes no mention of God). As Staver continued, Gretch shook her pretty head in disgust over this affront by evil libruls to take God away from America. He referenced how the ACLU and the school district “have gone too far.” Chaz said that his friends support him. Carlson read a statement from the school district which indicated that they were unaware of any lawsuit; and as such any comment, from them, would be inappropriate. Gretch asked Staver, “Is it possible for schools, now, to hide behind the letter of the law so to speak.” He replied that the letter of the law “doesn’t require censorship of God Bless and requires the school to be neutral." Gretch said “right” when Stave said that rather than protecting the Constitution they’re violating it.” She joked that she hoped the “President doesn’t go down to that country because he won’t be able to end his speech as he normally does.”

Comment: Once again, Gretchen Carlson provides only one side of the story despite there being information which supports the opposing view; but any factors mitigating against this proper persecuted Christian would work against the Fox persecuted Christian meme. Both the school’s attorney and the Director of High School Education, in an e-mail, said that “God Bless” falls within the definition of prayer and thus violates the Consent Decree and as such, the school was within their rights. The Consent Decree came as result of the ACLU filing suit against Pace High School over blatant evangelizing on the part of school administrators. Fox & Friends took up the cross and provided Christian comfort to the school administrators who were involved in the situation which the evil ACLU successfully opposed. But it’s funny, I don’t remember Gretchen Carlson being as outraged about the free speech rights of a student who filed a lawsuit over his suspension from school because he unfurled a banner with “Bong Hits 4 Jesus” outside the school. Anyway, onward Christian soldiers – providing that you’re the right kind of Christians!