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Breitbart Accuses Congressional Black Caucus Of Provoking Tea Party Racial Attacks – That Breitbart Said Didn’t Happen

Reported by Ellen - April 9, 2010 -

Despite Fox News’ supposed “zero tolerance” for on-screen errors, when Andrew Breitbart appeared on Hannity last night (4/8/10), there was no mention of the fact that all of Team Breitbart’s ACORN videos made in California had been thoroughly discredited by the state’s Attorney General just a few days earlier. This despite the fact that Hannity and Fox News had repeatedly showcased the videos and Breitbart had repeatedly argued that they were as damning as they seemed. Instead, Breitbart used his appearance last night to alternately accuse the Congressional Black Caucus and Democrats of lying when they said tea partiers had hurled racial attacks against them and then later accused the same people of provoking the very attacks he said had not happened. In a maneuver that could have come straight out of Karl Rove’s playbook, Breitbart and Hannity teamed up to paint civil rights icon John Lewis, the Democrats and even Barack Obama as the real racists. With video.

Last night’s Hannity was another campaign rally disguised as news, this time in Grand Rapids, Michigan, where Hannity promoted interviewed a number of Republican candidates. Bretibart appeared on The Great American Panel segment via satellite from Harvard.

Hannity started the segment by taking a swipe at Harvard, saying he felt sorry for Breitbart for being there and then adding that he, Hannity, was in Grand Rapids “with regular Americans... not the Harvard elite.” Yes, it was Everyman Hannity, the multi-millionaire who travels on private planes and charges $50,000 in expenses when he “volunteers” to speak, hanging with his peeps.

Then it was time for the next round of “heads, Democrats are the villains; tails, Republicans are the victims.” It began with a suggestion, as Breitbart had made the day before at Harvard, that the only victims of partisan violence were tea partiers. Hannity played a video of Breitbart having an exchange with Andrew Trumka, president of the AFL-CIO, in which Breitbart spoke of attacks on himself and then reiterated his $100,000 offer to anyone who had video of the racial slurs reportedly hurled at Rep. John Lewis and other black members of Congress. Trumka said he had been there and “witnessed personally” the tea party protesters spitting at people and calling Lewis the n-word. “I saw it in person, that’s real evidence,” Trumka said.

Instead of having Trumka, or anyone else who had claimed to witness the attacks, debate Breitbart, Hanity's other guests were Fox News contributor Judith Miller and right-wing actress Janine Turner.

Hannity said, “Andrew, you’ve offered a hundred grand to anyone that produces that tape. Has anyone come forward to claim the money yet?”

Breitbart took his first swipe at Lewis: “John Lewis… has been nowhere to be seen since I challenged this… You would think that if you heard the n-word, you would describe who the perpetrator was…and nobody has a story. There would be a commotion amid that crowd of people. This was a strategy that the Democratic Party, the progressive movement and, as I’m showing you here, the labor movement wants to marginalize a group that has been very devastating, the tea party movement.”

Hannity immediately took Breitbart’s side. He said to the extremely conservative Turner, “This has now become part of an orchestrated strategy by the left,” and added his own list of victims: conservative talkers and Fox News. “Is this part of a strategy to demonize strong, working, tax-paying, law-abiding American citizens?” I’m surprised Hannity didn’t add “whites” to the list. They’re the only ones suffering from racial problems, as Hannity seems to see it.

“Well, Absolutely,” Turner said, looking like she was wearing a mop on her head. “I do not believe it was said, but if it were said, that’s one person and it doesn’t represent the party.” Actually, reporters described the shouts as a “chorus,” not one person.

“It’s inaccurate, it’s not true,” Hannity said to Miller.

Miller was quite good, however. She said, “Look, I think that a lot of people are concerned about acts of, potential acts of violence that might be prompted by such language. The issue is, did anybody respond…”

Hannity interrupted her to ask, ‘Where’s the language, though, Judith? I don’t see it or hear it?”

Miller continued, “You had somebody say he heard it with his own ears. It’s true it’s not on tape.”

Hannity objected, “He’s a Democratic hack!” Unlike the vision of neutrality, bipartisanship and dedication to truth and nothing but the truth on his show, eh?

“Does that mean that he’s lying? I don’t think it means that he’s lying,” Miller said. “You know, somebody can be positioned in a way that a camera’s not. And if somebody says, ‘I heard it myself,’ unless you can prove they didn’t, why not believe them?”

Hannity said disgustedly, “You’re innocent until proven guilty, OK. What about the tea party movement that’s character is being assassinated, doesn’t that matter?”

And yet Hannity never seems to care about character assassination that takes place nearly every minute on his show, either from him, his guests or both.

Hannity returned to Miller after the break, but not before some more of what he’d surely call “character assassination” if the other side was doing it. “You’re saying this rhetoric was heard by everybody. Barack Obama during the campaign said, ‘If they bring a knife, we bring a gun.’ He also said about me, he said, ‘We’re going to send Mr. Burgess over to Fox News and tear Sean Hannity up.’ Should I have taken that as a threat?” (Comment: Of course not. For one thing, Obama was talking about, basically, himself and not to an angry mob he was trying to inflame - unlike, say Sarah Palin and her “reload” comments and targets that just one day before, Hannity defended.

Miller said she thought Hannity had taken the comments “in the way in which it was intended… You’ve held your own, Sean,” she laughed.

It was more than telling that nobody on the panel but Miller was at all concerned about defusing tensions.

Hannity turned to Breitbart for some more rhetoric of the kind he would never tolerate from a Democrat. “This has now served as a great distraction. It seems to be part of the Alinsky model, which is to target, to isolate and to divide. Do you think this is purposely done by the Democrats?”

“Of course it is,” Breitbart said. “They’ve been trying to find evidence to back ‘The tea party is racist,’ for a year and a half. Haven’t found anything (well, except for these photos, for one). All of the evidence comes from the other side that they’re the ones that are being violent. And they’re the ones that are hurling the n-word around… A Democratic Party hack, attacking decent citizens. They’re accusing us of what they’re doing. That’s classic Alinsky. The very act of the Black Congressional Caucus, walking through the tea party people while holding all those videos was an act of provocation. They need this desperately and one last thing. The language that Nancy Pelosi is using about the civil rights movement, comparing the unpopular health care bill to the civil rights movement ties into this… They’re all on the talking points, basically telling black people that the white people are trying to take your health care from you. This is a racial, racist, racially divisive strategy that they’re playing that’s very dangerous in the United States.”

Hannity said, “I agree it’s dangerous and I believe it’s coming from the top in terms of the white House and supporters of Barack Obama… Members of the tea party movement have been called ‘supporting segregation’ and ‘Ku Klux Klan.’”

Please consider writing to Hannity and to Fox News about such outrageous, racial accusations and to ask them when we can expect a correction and a retraction about the ACORN tapes. According to Breitbart, Fox has had the unedited tapes since at least March 5, 2010. That means, it has been more than a month since they've had the opportunity to review them and correct the record. As I said in my email to the "fair and balanced" network last night, the clock is ticking and we won’t forget. Tick, tick, tick.

You can reach them at Hannity@foxnews.com and yourcomments@foxnews.com.