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Where’s Fox News’ Corrections About The California ACORN Videos?

Reported by Ellen - April 8, 2010 -

Who would have guessed? The unedited California ACORN videos made by James O’Keefe and Hannah Giles and pimped by Andrew Breitbart and BigGovernment.com have been released to the public. As a result, there is now incontrovertible proof that the videos were misleading and did not portray what they were said to portray by either Team Breitbart or Fox News. Rachel Maddow did an excellent, excellent analysis of the unedited videos as well as a comparison with what got aired on Fox News. I suppose an apology to ACORN would be too much to ask for but any halfway legitimate news organization would issue a correction and retraction. The clock is ticking, Fox News, and we are not going to let you forget it. With video.

At the end of her report, Maddow summed up the videos as “a dishonest political stunt that bears no resemblance to journalism and no resemblance to the actual facts of what happened in those offices. But it worked… Who do you think is next on their list?”

We could not have said it better ourselves. Please contact Fox News and demand a retraction. You can contact them at Hannity@foxnews.com, friends@foxnews.com, kelly@foxnews.com and yourcomments@foxnews.com.

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