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Bill O’Reilly (!) Wants Obama To Attend Church?

Reported by Priscilla - April 8, 2010 -

As I noted in a previous thread, the gang at Fox News seems to be concerned about President Obama’s decision not to join a church while he is president. Bill O’Reilly devoted an entire segment to the issue. And while the April 2nd discussion met the criteria for “fair and balanced,” as far as the choice of guests, that didn’t stop Bill from dropping Rev. Wright’s name and expressing his own opinion about why Obama's attendance at church is important. Funny, I guess you can “bear false witness” on a nightly basis and be accused of sexual harassment; but if you plunk your ass in a pew, it’s all good!

Bill immediately began the spin: “It’s Holy Week and millions of Americans will be attending church; but the Obama family might not be among them because of logistics. The President said that his appearance at a church could be disruptive; but he did attend Reverend Wright’s church in Chicago as we know. Therefore some folks are criticizing him now.” (Uh,when Obama attended he wasn’t the President – d’uhhhh!!!!) While O’Reilly spoke, the backdrop went from just a crucifix (and crucifixes aren’t used by non-Catholics whose iconography is a simple cross with the body) to Obama’s head next to the crucifix. Under the photo were the words “shunning church?” Bill wanted to know if that was “fair” and he introduced his guests, Washington Post religion columnist Sally Quinn and conservative writer Dinesh D’Souza. Bill presented the logistics issues (secret service, everybody getting “wanded”); but then he continued “he puts himself up as a man who was converted to Christianity by a very controversial minister and I’m saying to myself, I don’t know how this is going to play among the folks.” Quinn said that when a president goes to church in Washington, “it’s a zoo” and that there “is nothing spiritual” about having a media crowd surround the church. Bill commented that George HW Bush and Bill Clinton went to church “fairly frequently.” He added that President Bush and Vice President Cheney were at Tony Snow’s funeral and “it wasn’t a dog and pony show.” He then said that, while he understood the inconvenience, he didn’t know “if that argument is valid” and “if that should be the reason because it does send a message that if the chief executive is there worshipping, it sends a message and the people see that.” (ROFLMAO – when people see Bill O’Reilly, at Mass, they should see a hypocrite!) Quinn responded that Obama attends services at a private chapel at Camp David and that would be “more meaningful than a service where he is on display.” She said that she doesn’t need to see somebody “making a show just to say I am a Christian.”

D’Souza agreed that “religion could be used for tactical purposes” and referenced how Bill Clinton was frequently seen, with a “gigantic bible,” attending church during the Lewinski scandal. He then said that Obama is very “tentative” when asked about his beliefs. According to D’Souza, Obama’s connection to the Wright church was all about the activism it represented and that it “allowed Obama to move up the greasy pole of Chicago politics." Bill asked about “Ms. Quinn’s statement that Americans they don’t really need the chief executive officer to be in the church. It’s not necessary for the country.” He did admit that Ronald Reagan rarely went to church; but then asked, again, “Is that point valid that we don’t a president to be seen in a church atmosphere.” D’Souza asserted that we have had many presidents with “dubious religiosity;” but that these men (Jefferson, Lincoln) had a “transcendent, providential role of America.” According to D’Souza that’s really the issue – “Is Obama in touch with this very important part of American religious tradition.” Bill said “I do believe that if you see a president in church, that’s a good thing. Youth and you know, I think it’s good." Quinn stated that she feels that Obama is very committed to his faith and as such, she doesn’t need him “showing me by turning up at church…”

Comment: The only “folks” who care about Obama’s church going habits are the “folks” at Fox News and their audience. It’s a great form of subtle propaganda as it raises questions about Obama not being sufficiently Christian which, in Fox Jesus Land, is the basic requirement for being a true American. Many of the folks (certainly in Fox Nation) think that Obama is either a secret Muslim or the anti-Christ so this line of questioning reinforces the fear and loathing of Obama generated, in part, by Fox News. The questions (not a direct personal attack, mind you) being posed by Obama’s lack of church membership go beyond religious concerns – they speak to the notion of the legitimacy of this president. But O’Reilly’s point that “the folks” want to see the president worshipping was a not so subtle projection. It’s clear that Bill O’Reilly feels that public worship is important and Bill should know because he’s such a paragon of religiosity.