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Bill O’Reilly: More Misinformation On Washington Teen Abortion

Reported by Priscilla - April 8, 2010 -

Now that Bill O’Reilly doesn’t have Dr. Tiller to kick around any more, he needs another vehicle with which to provide shout outs to his anti-choice friends. Recently, the anti-choice crowd was all in a twitter about a Washington high school student who had an abortion without her mother’s permission. Claiming that the clinic consent form, signed by the anti-choice mom (whose daughter clearly had her reasons for not talking to mom about the procedure), didn’t mention abortion, mom went to the media. Not surprisingly, Megyn Kelly interviewed a right wing Republican radio talk show host about the issue. During the course of the interview, allegations about the abortion were unchallenged by Kelly who provided further validation for this so called “outrage.” Not surprisingly, in his March 25th Culture Warriors segment, Bill O’Reilly ran with the same misinformation in order to promote parental notification laws with regard to abortion. O’Reilly received an award for his “coverage” of the Tiller case - coverage which contributed to the climate of hatred in which Tiller was murdered. Based on the type of misinformation peddled during this segment, one wonders if Bill is aiming for another award.

O’Reilly’s introduction contained glaring misinformation. He claimed that the girl was taken to an abortion clinic by officials from a public school. The school had nothing to do with it. The girl’s abortion was facilitated by a clinic which operates at the high school but is a private Swiss company. The girl was transported by taxi – not by school officials. (One hopes that school officials are not being threatened because of O’Reilly’s “spin.”) O’Reilly then repeated the statement made by the radio talk show host to Megyn Kelly that if the girl didn’t tell her parents the abortion would be free of charge. This allegation must have come from either the mother or the girl because there is no way that the clinic would disclose any conversation taking place between staff and client. But Bill stated it as fact. The following discussion was short as it was just one of several topics being addressed. Gretchen Carlson said that “there is something horribly wrong to be able to do this during the day while you're going to school at a publicly-funded institution." Hoover said that this was the fault of “radical pro-choice” groups which are “subverting families” to promote a “big government agenda.” (Did Bill give her the talking points before hand?) She said that families needed to take care of these issues and if they can’t “they become dependent on government.” (Teens who have babies are supported by government programs. Doesn’t Hoover know that?) There was mention of judicial bypass in extreme cases which might include incest. But America’s Daddy ended the segment with this stern warning: "This is not a pro-life, pro-choice issue, this is a parental rights issue. I think I speak for all parents in the United States - when your young daughter has an abortion and you don't know about it, nothing good can happen."

Comment: Nothing good can happen when misinformation, about abortion, is conveyed on a nationally televised network by a self appointed “solon” whose word is taken, as gospel, by those who can’t handle the truth. And when you’re dealing with abortion, as we saw with the Tiller case – a little misinformation can be a dangerous thing.