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Fox Democrats Caddell And Schoen Team Up To Paint Obama As “Inviting Attack” With New Nuclear Limits

Reported by Ellen - April 6, 2010 -

Fox News’ two favorite Democrats, Pat Caddell and Doug Schoen, appeared together on Hannity last night (4/5/10) to parrot the same Republican talking points as Sean Hannity: Attack the Democrats over the tea partiers and paint Obama as weakening our national defenses, this time with his just-announced limits on using nuclear weapons. In fact, Caddell went a step further than Hannity by saying that Obama is "inviting atack." Neither Caddell nor Schoen said a single positive thing about either the Party or any individual Democrats. They also failed to note Hannity’s distortion of Obama’s new policy when he announced that Obama would "substantially narrow the conditions under which the U.S. would use nuclear weapons, even in self-defense… even if they attack the U.S. with biological, chemical weapons.” With video.

Contradicting Hannity’s suggestion that the U.S. would not use nuclear weapons to defend itself, The New York Times reported, “The president said in an interview that he was carving out an exception for “outliers like Iran and North Korea” that have violated or renounced the main treaty to halt nuclear proliferation… White House officials said the new strategy would include the option of reconsidering the use of nuclear retaliation against a biological attack, if the development of such weapons reached a level that made the United States vulnerable to a devastating strike.” Neither “Democrat” pointed that out.

But before they went to the nukes, the like-minded trio attacked the Democrats for their treatment of the tea partiers.

Schoen, the Fox News Democratic Wanker of the Decade, gushed about the Tea Partiers, “The Tea Party movement represents fiscal conservatives who want to return to core principles. That’s America!”

Caddell condemned the Democrats, saying, “This use of race… is dangerous and awful and it is repugnant.”

When it came time to talk nukes, Schoen was a little more measured than Caddell, though the upshot was the same. “We have a bipartisan consensus in this country in support of a containment policy where we do not limit our use of nuclear weapons… This is wrong… and we have a president who wants to move in a non-nuclear direction when those weapons are our best security.”

Caddell said, “You are inviting an attack doing this.”

Even Hannity was taken aback, albeit not displeased. “You’re saying President Obama is inviting an attack.” Still, it’s a sad day when a Democrat is more anti-Democrat than Sean Hannity.

“You are inviting extremists to say ‘impunity,’” Caddell continued.

Schoen said, “Operating with a dangerous illusion that somehow if we talk peaceful rhetoric, if we negotiate with the Iranians, somehow we wont’ have a bad result. It’s wrong.”

Hannity said, “Pat, you’re going to be slammed tomorrow on the blogs as a Democrat. You’re saying that the president, by definitively making this statement is inviting an attack on this country.”

“I’m saying that this is naïve,” Caddell said. For good measure, he threw in a gratuitous knock at the Party while he was at it. “I’m saying the Democratic Party (has) a problem with this anyway, about being naïve on foreign policy.”

Schoen was not to be undone in the attack-the-Dems department. “And I’m saying that the Democrats are ceding the fall elections, Sean, by walking away from the Tea Party movement, walking away from our core principles on foreign policy and economics and deficit reduction and pro-growth economic policy.”

Hannity said, “I think he’s created such a vulnerability… if this keeps up, he’s going to best be known for the weakening of America’s defenses.”

Caddell added, “This is really not good – dangerous, dangerous stuff.”