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Liz Trotta’s Homophobia? She Says, On Fox News, NY Times Coverage Of Catholic Sex Abuse Scandal Part Of Gay Agenda!

Reported by Priscilla - April 5, 2010 -

Eric Shawn is presumably part of Fox “real” news as opposed to Fox & Friends and the evening “opinion” bloviators. Obviously the Catholic Church’s pedophilia scandal, with possible links to the current pope, is news as is the Vatican reaction to the American media coverage which the Vatican is describing as “petty gossip.” So, one would expect that Fox “News” would provide some rational commentary in its coverage of this issue. That, however, was not the case in Shawn’s interview with Liz Trotta who, not surprisingly, continued Gretchen Carlson’s Fox News Watch spin about how the NY Times is attacking the Pope and doing the dastardly deed during Holy Week. But Liz Trotta kicked it up a notch with her commentary that echoes the arguably anti-Semitic and homophobic Vatican apologist, Bill Donohue whose Catholic League took out a full page in the NY Times which defended the Vatican and claimed a connection between homosexuality and sexual abuse of minors. While the Media Matters video is not the complete interview, there is no “taking out of context” what Trotta said. And what she said is a homophobic attempt to divert attention from and defend the sordid past of the Catholic Church in its abuse of the defenseless. Wow.

Trotta is a used to be journalist who is now part of the Fox stable of used to be (Karl Rove, Sarah Palin, Rick Santorum, Dana Perrino, Oliver North, Mark Fuhrman) contributors. In 2008, she became almost famous over her “joke,” on a Fox News show, about an assassination of Barack Obama. She quickly apologized and all was forgiven. But the memo from Fox management must be to attack the NY Times as a vicious Pope persecutor when the reality is that many other media outlets are also reporting on the accusations of negligence on the part of the office of “Papa Razi” when he was head of the Office of the Congregation of the Faith” (formerly known as the Inquisition). So it wasn’t a surprise that Trotta used the same language as Carlson about how this reporting was done during the most holy season of Holy Week. (So, Liz, reports about possible institutional failure, on the part of a world religion and sovereign nation, should wait until the “holy season” is over? Would you say the same thing about reporting on Islamic violence during Eid?) Trotta claimed that the NY Daily News “called out” the Times about its coverage. Shawn read a pro Pope quote: “What exactly did Ratzinger do wrong?” (Uh, that’s what the victims of the abuse want to know, Eric!) The quote refers to a Wisconsin case that is one of a number of cases which might have tentacles leading back to the Prada wearing Pope who sent a letter to Ireland about the clergy sexual abuse in that country - while not addressing other European countries where priests were involved in similar rape and torture of young people in their care. Neither Shawn nor Trotta mentioned the rest of the NY Daily News quote: “At the same time, it's fair game to debate whether his office should have considered for a moment a plea deal, even on the verge of Murphy's death.” Shawn said that “even the news media is fighting among itself over this.” Trotta said that she wouldn’t have a problem with this if Maureen Dowd hadn’t written three columns which were “shameful screeds.” (With apologies to Dowd, she is an opinion columnist in the same vein as Bill O’Reilly and Sean Hannity are part of Fox “real journalism’s” real “opinion”)

Trotta, channeling the disgusting “Catholic League’s” resident homophobe Bill Donohue, then scored a partisan (and disgusting) coup de grace. She said that Dowd’s “shameful denunciations” of the church “don’t cloak at all the real reasons for this that on top of the Times agenda is making homosexuality acceptable, making gay marriage acceptable, and making abortion acceptable, and the Roman Catholic church stands in their way on these three items are on the top of their agenda.”

Comment: As in Gretchen Carlson’s Fox News Watch interview, the focus was on the Vatican response to the Wisconsin situation involving the non defrocking of a pedophile priest. As with Carlson, the focus was on how the NY Times is persecuting the Pope. As with Carlson, no mention was made about the Jewish outrage over the comments, by the Pope’s confessor, comparing the so called NY Times “attacks” on the Pope to the holocaust. The NY Daily News and numerous other media outlets covered this story which, I guess, shouldn’t have been reported during Holy Week. But according to Liz Trotta, the pedophile scandal is secondary to the “gay agenda” of the NY Times. Is she freaking kidding? Is she telling the victims of sexual abuse that any reporting, which seeks to hold their abusers accountable, is not valid because there’s an ulterior journalistic motive? As the openly gay Massachusetts member of Congress said, “on what planet do you spend most of your time.” But I leave you with a comment, by a Catholic priest, who said that Bill Donohue’s latest rant against NY Times was “sickening” and that the “Catholic hierarchy as sunk to a new low.” Father Lasch (whom you probably won't see on Fox News) said that “the mantra shouts from the heavens: ‘There will be no healing until there is justice; no justice without the full truth; no truth without full accountability’.” Truth and accountability don’t seem to be priorities for Fox “real journalism, fair and balanced.”