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Beck And O’Reilly Joke About Beck Almost Getting Fired

Reported by Ellen - April 5, 2010 -

I’ve long thought from stray comments made by him on the air that Glenn Beck has his problems with management at Fox News. Given the loss of advertising Beck has caused the network, it's not surprising. Then came Roger Ailes’ less than ringing endorsement of Beck during the much-ballyhooed confrontation with Arianna Huffington. That was followed by Howard Kurtz’ report of clashes between Beck and Management and sniping from other Fox News employees. On Friday (4/2/10), The O’Reilly Factor played a repeat of a January “At Your Beck And Call Segment” in which Bill O’Reilly joked, “It’s amazing that you haven’t been fired yet.” With video.

Beck nodded emphatically as O’Reilly spoke and added, “It really is.”

“Couple of close calls,” O’Reilly continued, as Beck completely cracked up. “I saved you a couple of times.”

“Really? Only two?” Beck said.

“I said, ‘If Beck goes, I go,’” O’Reilly kidded. He continued, “Well, not really but it sounds good.”

I’m reminded of the old saying, “Many a true word is spoken in jest.” From Beck’s reactions, I think it’s very apropos in this segment.