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Cavuto Interviews The Doctor Who Asks Obama Supporters To Seek Care Elsewhere

Reported by Guest Blogger - April 4, 2010 -

Guest blogged by Brian

On Friday (4/2/10), Neil Cavuto interviewed Dr. Jack Cassell, the Florida urologist who posted a sign on his door saying, “If you voted for Obama, seek urologic care elsewhere.” Although Cassell insisted he’d treat patients whether they voted for Obama or not, he also said, “I think every doctor in the United States needs to put this (sign) in their office.” With video.

Cassell’s explanation for the sign was, “I came across the time line for implementation of Obama care… I found that most ancillary services, nursing homes, diagnostic imaging, all these things start to fade away, and I felt that my patients really need to know about this. And the more I thought about it, the angrier I got until I finally felt like I'm going to put a little splash page on my front door and just get people thinking a little bit.”

"What did they tell you?" Cavuto asked.

"Ninety eight percent are energized,” Cassell claimed. He added, “I think every doctor in the United States needs to put this in their office. And everybody needs to understand what’s going on. I think people in Congress need to read this." But in a later interview with Alan Colmes, Cassell admitted he had not read the bill. In fact, when Colmes dug into specifics, Cassell sounded pretty darned ignorant.

Cavuto did put up some challenge to Cassell, though nothing like the kind we're sure he'd put up if Cassell had put up a similar sign about tea party protesters. "William Allen, professor of bioethics was telling AP, 'It (free speech) cannot cross over into refusing patients on the basis of race, gender, religion, sexual orientation, disability, or political preference."

Cassell said, "And I don't. I have plenty of Obama supporters in my patient base… I'm not cutting anybody out of their care. I’m not refusing care on the basis of their political beliefs."

Cavuto drily noted that the way he read the notice on Cassell’s door, it said, “If you voted for Obama…”

“Well, that doesn’t mean I’m not going to take care of them,” Cassell said.

“Oh,” Cavuto said sarcastically. "So, you’re just trying to create a fuss?"

Cassell admitted, "Right."

Cavuto asked, "If I were to come to you doctor, and I said, 'I voted for Barack Obama, dammit, you better see me and if you’re not seeing me because I voted for Barack Obama, then I'm going to my lawyer,' what are you gonna say?"

"I would see you," Cassell graciously allowed, "But first… I would hand you one of these two page timelines so that you could see what you voted for."

Comment: So he’s not denying anyone care, he’s just discouraging certain people from getting it. And if you do see him, and you tell him you’re an Obama supporter, he’ll foist on you some kind of political literature. What’s in that two-page “timeline” and who put it out? Cavuto never asked.