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When Is Obama Not A Socialist On Fox News? When They’re Slamming Him For Tacking To The Right

Reported by Ellen - April 3, 2010 -

Neither Rich Lowry nor his guest from the National Review seemed to notice the irony that the same President Obama Fox News routinely characterizes as a radical socialist ideologue was now being denigrated for being too willing to tack to the right. With video.

As guest host on Hannity last night (4/2/10), Rich Lowry introduced the segment, called “Laundry List of Broken Promises” by “fair and balanced” Foxnews.com, by saying smarmily that “President Obama is a man who simply can’t keep his word.” Lowry played a series of supposed flip-flops by Obama, without bothering to investigate a single one. One supposed outrage was Obama talking about tougher border security after which Lowry sneered, “Given his strong feelings on the issue, I wonder why the Department of Homeland Security halted the virtual fence it was building on the U.S. Mexican border just two weeks ago.”

Lowry could not have wondered too much. One quick Google search for me quickly answered the question. DHS head Janet Napolitano found that the border fence has been plagued with cost overruns and missed deadlines and has suspended it until it can be reassessed. Contrary to Lowry’s snide insinuation, it has not been canceled. Furthermore, Obama said nothing in the clip one way or the other about the border fence.

There was nobody to balance that unfair picture.

Lowry went on to introduce his colleague at National Review, Jim Geraghty, who would present a “complete list of the President’s broken promises” plus a little plug for the site. Unlike PolitiFact, which has kept a detailed review of Obama’s promises, this pair on the “fair and balanced” Fox News never bothered to go over how many he had kept. So while PolitiFact has found that Obama has broken 17 promises and compromised 35, he has kept 102 and has 262 still in the works. 85 are rated as “stalled” and 2 have not been rated. In fact, Geraghty admitted he had only gotten to 33 broken promises before “carpal tunnel set in.” Is that 32 broken promises out of the 501 promises that PolitiFact catalogued? Or was this all just an excuse to attack Obama further?

“Hi, Boss,” Geraghty began and then the two were off to the races with smears and jeers about Obama’s broken promises.

Lowry said that his cynical view of Obama is, “Any liberal or left-wing candidate running for President of the United States in this center-right country inherently is forced into making statements and representations that he’s not going to follow through on.” Was Lowry admitting that the country was not in danger of an imminent socialist transformation?

Nobody said, of course. But Geraghty agreed with Lowry's assessment that a "liberal or left-wing president" (nobody used the "s" word) would be forced to move to the right. “Oh, absolutely,” Geraghty said, once again sneering that Obama had talked “a good game” on the border fence before deciding to “not actually fund any of that.”

Then, perhaps so caught up in the joy of denigrating Obama, Geraghty didn’t seem to notice how badly he was contradicting the Fox News meme as he went on to attack Obama for not living up to the left’s hopes for him. “As the first year (of Obama’s presidency wore on… I didn’t encounter that many liberals who wanted to argue that he was good at keeping his promises. Even they were kind of acknowledging that, ‘Yes, he, you know (broke his promises).’”

So which is it, Fox News? Is Obama a radical or someone who caves to pressure? It seems near impossible that he could be both.