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Jason Mattera So Unprofessional He Makes Bill O’Reilly Side With Al Franken

Reported by Ellen - April 3, 2010 -

I know it’s a crowded field but my vote for biggest conservative lout in the world goes, hands down, to Jason Mattera. How big a lout is he? Big enough that he prompted Bill O’Reilly to do the unthinkable: chastise Mattera for his obnoxious treatment of Sen. Al Franken – Al Franken! - O’Reilly’s arch enemy. With video.

Mattera, you may recall is the guy who went on CNN to argue against affirmative action only to be outed as having taken a scholarship from the Hispanic College Fund, a fund restricted to minorities. When asked why, if he was so offended by scholarships based on race, he had not given the money back, Mattera answered, “Well, Hispanic is not a race… It's not a race-based scholarship.”

Mattera originally made a name for himself by viciously attacking the mother of the murdered young gay man, Matthew Shepard, in a student newsletter after she had appeared at his college to speak about tolerance. In the same newsletter, Mattera “joked” that pedophiles “condemned the FDA’s food pyramid as ‘bigoted’ and ‘hateful’ because ‘anus’ and ‘penis’ were not listed as separate food groups.”

Mattera is also the guy who told MSNBC’s Chris Matthews that he had declined to fight in the Iraq war he supports because he’s “fighting the culture war” at home.

Mattera seems to have a thing about gay people and gratuitous gay “jokes.” Recently, he responded to criticism of him by Tommy Christopher at Mediaite by saying, “Tommy Christopher’s a joke. Nobody reads him. It’s probably him and his two moms. That’s about it.”

That same Jason Mattera appeared on The O’Reilly Factor Wednesday night (3/31/10) with an ambush video of Mattera confronting Senator Al Franken in which Mattera was so obnoxious that Franken told him to “Shut up.” The “we report, you decide” network once again failed to report Mattera’s controversial (to say the least) history. Yet O’Reilly still lectured Mattera for being “disrespectful” to Franken and giving him reason to blow off Mattera. As Mattera tried to argue that Franken was in no position to lecture anyone about bad behavior, O’Reilly further chastised, saying, “Bad behavior doesn’t justify other bad behavior… If you’re gonna try to be an interviewer, you have to be respectful.”

Mattera described himself as a conservative activist, suggesting that he’s less interested in journalism than in being the next James O’Keefe. I fully expect Mattera to wind up in just the same kind of pickle.

Video via Mediaite.