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Bill O'Reilly: Claims No Tape Exists of the Tea Party Movement's "Bad Behavior"

Reported by Julie - April 3, 2010 -

As News Hounds' Priscilla posted yesterday, on Tuesday night's (3/30/10) O'Reilly Factor, in a segment entitled "Political Hatred," O'Reilly put the spin to the no-spin zone as he said that "many media types sympathize with liberal politics. Nevertheless, it is on the left that many disturbing things are occurring." I won't repeat what you can read in Priscilla's post . . . but O'Reilly really reached on this one, particularly when he rolled a clip of the anti-Coulter protesters at the University of Toronto in Ontario, Canada -- interestingly, the "disturbing" thing that was occurring was a call by students for "no more hate speech on our campus." Appalling. With video.

As I started watching, I knew where this was going -- even without the assistance of the headline. I just wasn't sure how long it was gonna take to get there.

Talk about skewing "reporting" to fit the agenda . . . O'Reilly played a clip of student protesters at the University of California-Davis, who were chanting, "Shame on you," carrying signs that were too fuzzy in the clip to read, and who appeared to be controlled by cops in riot gear. O'Reilly said that the students were rioting because they don't like the higher fees the state is imposing, and "while we cannot brand those students left-wing loons, because we don't know who they are, the odds are they are liberal people."

Talk about a leap of logic . . . wait, though -- protesters against government fees? Sounds more like these people were part of the tea party movement.

"The truth is," O'Reilly summed up, "Far-left violence and bad behavior is all over the place. Yet -- do we hear about that on the network news? No. We hear about the tea party people and how bad they're behavin'. Yet where is the tape of that bad behavior? It doesn't exist . . . there's plenty of hate on both sides, but this is a media scandal. One side gets scrutinized, the other side gets a pass."

Hey, Bill? Got a little clip for you to see . . . just so we're clear on that whole tape "doesn't exist" thing.

Well, what do you know -- here's another one. Let's talk about how that tape of the right-wing nastiness "doesn't exist" . . . well, except for here, with this well-spoken lad who brought a gun to a town hall protest.

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Oh, and Democratic Congressman John Dingell might reject the notion that the tea party people are all well-behaved . . . .

And these patriots . . . who don't believe President Obama is American-born, who don't accept President Obama as their President, and who support soldiers who reject their Commander in Chief's orders.

So let's sum up. Ann Coulter was scared off by a couple hundred student protesters, who, well, chanted. No threats, no guns, no violence. Karl Rove was terrified by a lady in a pink hat who stood a distance away and exercised her First Amendment rights. No threats, no guns, no violence. Farrakhan "incited racial violence" by stating something that many of us believe. No threats, no guns, no violence. And Sarah Palin -- someone yelled at her, and was forcefully ejected from the event. No threats, no guns (though she was probably packin', just in case a stray moose wandered by), no violence.

The bubbling hatred on the left was demonstrated by yelling. And more yelling. And a little bit more yelling. A pure and clear exercise of First Amendment rights that so frightened Ann Coulter and so outraged Karl Rove.

O'Reilly might want to take a look at some of the Democrats who are having to watch for bricks flying through windows and gas lines being cut, and whose children are being threatened with death by right-wingers pissed off about healthcare reform, before he points to the left as the ones with bad behavior. If students at any of our nation's high schools mimicked the antics of the tea party-goers, it would be deemed "mob action."

O'Reilly did say one thing I couldn't argue with, though: " One side gets scrutinized, the other side gets a pass." We all know, on Fox News, which side gets what.