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Steve Doocy Says Google Disses Jesus – Honest! I’m Not Kidding!

Reported by Priscilla - April 2, 2010 -

Is former weather guy Steve Doocy an idiot or does he play one on TV? While it is apparent that the Fox & Friends posse actively promotes conservative Christian causes, today’s comment by good Christian Steve Doocy was more than the usual validation of persecuted Christians and the condemnation of evil atheists on America’s morning God show. Beyond the usual Steve Doocy Christian idiocy (Christians don’t have First Amendment rights in school), his comment, this morning, that Google is snubbing Jesus is truly bizarre. But, thankfully, we do have a First Amendment which give Steve Doocy the right to free and totally inane speech. And just when you thought Doocy couldn’t get any more inane, think again! As I have often said, there’s a culture war going on and the Christians crusaders of Fox & Friends are bringing it!

While “some say” (and we know who they are) that Media Matters takes Fox commentary out of context, there is no other context for Steve Doocy’s criticism, of Google, for not using a Jesus themed Google “doodle” (logo) for today’s Google home page. Doocy joked about how yesterday, April Fool’s Day, Google had “Topeka,” rather than “Google,” as its header. He then said that said “keep in mind, today is Good Friday, one of the holiest days of the entire year.” Stop right there. This might be a holy day for practicing Christians; but not for the rest of the non Christian world that uses Google. I know that Steve’s world is very Christian; but surely he knows that Christians comprise only 33% of the world’s religions population and among these groups, not all consider Good Friday to be special. Steve then noted that today’s Google has a graphic that celebrates the 205th birthday of the beloved Danish children’s author, Hans Christian Anderson. (The “socialist” Danes being the happiest and least religious people in the world!). Good Christian Steve continued to whine about how this has “nothing to do with Good Friday.” The chyron read “Ignoring Good Friday. Google Honors Hans Christian Anderson Instead.” Steve asked “are a lot of people interested in Good Friday.” (the answer is no!) Good Christian and former Miss America, who, yesterday, sponsored some “testifying” from the Florida bible billboard dudes, said “it’s crazy.” Doocy then showed a compilation of Google doodles and read a Google statement that said that they occasionally modify the Google logo in honor of holidays celebrated by users around the world. Memo to Doocy – this isn’t a “holiday,” it’s a Christian Holy Day. Doocy went even further into Christian bizarro world when he said that on Ash Wednesday, they didn’t show anything religious. Memo to Doocy – Ash Wednesday isn’t a “holiday,” either. On that day, those Google heathens showed the winter Olympics. Doocy added that on Christmas, those evil Google libruls didn’t show Jesus or the manger and they committed the most unpardonable sin of saying “happy holidays.” Doocy said that last Easter they had no bunny, no Jesus. He added that there are hundreds of millions of Christians around the world. But no sacred bunny – Mon Dieu! Carlson, scrunching up her pretty face, said that she thought that the statement said that Google tries to honor holidays. Steve said, loudly, “they do.” When Fox’s legal beagle, Peter Johnson, said that “no one is suggesting that Google endorse what Good Friday and Easter stand for…even as you point out Gretchen, by their own standards they don’t seem to meeting it...,” Carlson put on her “I’m so smart face.” Johnson snarked that the 205th anniversary of Hans Christian Anderson is a bigger holiday than Good Friday. Uh, one more time. Good Friday isn’t a holiday. While some municipal government offices might be closed, it isn’t a nationally recognized federal holiday.

Good Christian Steve said that while Google marks anniversaries of important figures, he asked “what about Jesus?” Getting a little frantic, he shouted “on Christmas, why couldn’t they put Jesus birthday.” Johnson and Doocy asked the audience to e-mail them. Doocy asked “do you think something’s going on there?” (Right Steve, it’a a conspiracy against Christians.) Miss “I hate political correctness,” said “can you imagine the outrage if you put Jesus up there.” Doocy said “I think it would be great.” Predictably, Carlson said “PC police.”

Comment: Beyond just promoting a right wing Christian world view, there does seem to be “something going on.” As with Fox Nation, Fox & Friends appears to be using so called Christian persecution, as a result of so called “political correctness,” to further divide Americans by fomenting good Christian hatred of those who are not followers of Jesus. Google is a secular business and not beholden to American right wing Christians. One does wonder what Fox’s evangelical audience would think if Google had an image of the Mormon Angel Moroni or the Muslim crescent and star. But it’s interesting. While the professional Fox & Friends Christians have used the right wing talking point about health care being shoved down the throats of America, they want Christianity to be shoved, just not down the throats of America, but the rest of the non Christian, Google world. As Pope Urban said, while urging Christians to crusade against the Muslim, “God wills it!”