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Michelle Malkin Calls For A “Spartacus-Type Revolt”

Reported by Ellen - April 2, 2010 -

Chalk Michelle Malkin up as another conservative using the heightened tensions in the country as an excuse to ratchet up the hostilities against Democrats another notch or two. Malkin joined Sean Hannity Wednesday (3/31/10) to attack Democrats and the left on the one hand for making too much of the threats being made against them and then attacking them again for being too mean to the right. It was a case of “heads, you’re the villain; tails, we’re the victim.” Then, for the piece de ramped-up-rhetoric resistance, Malkin called out, “I think it is time for a Spartacus type revolt!” to a round of enthusiastic applause from the audience. With video.

The interview took place during a special broadcast from a book store in Salt Lake City, where Hannity was in the middle of his book tour. It was a neat way of promoting his book and his show in one fell swoop. Although there seemed to be a rather large audience, I didn’t see a single person of color other than “I love racial profiling and internment camps” Malkin.

“What do you think about the hostility of the left?” Hannity asked.

Malkin, who is nothing if not sanctimonious, sneered, “It’s the sanctimony, it’s the hypocrisy of the left and their selective civility police who all of a sudden are now offended at any utterance of conservative that’s about 25 decibels. Frightening! We’re inciting to violence for stating conservative principles!”

Of course, when the shoe was on the other foot, it was an outrage and cause for further attacks on the left. First, the pair discussed Code Pink’s attempt to make a citizen’s arrest of Karl Rove during a stop on his book tour. Malkin said condescendingly (does she have any other tone?), “What’s happened to Karl Rove, we’ve seen happen time and time again.”

Hannity jumped on the victim bandwagon by exclaiming, “Ann Coulter can’t even speak in Canada, for crying out loud!”

Fox News producers added their support by posting a banner on the screen that read, “Far left protesters cross the line at conservative events.”

But as Media Matters' Eric Boehlert pointed out in an excellent column suggesting that Fox News just may want mob violence,

“There were no imminent signs of mob violence or threats of personal harm (against Coulter), just good old-fashioned, raucous, campus-style debate. But faced with a boisterous crowd, Coulter took her marbles and went home, while her conservative allies concocted tales of looming left-wing violence and feasted on the publicity.”

Boehlert continued,

“The real stunner last week was watching the same conservatives who fretted over Coulter's safety then turn around and excuse and rationalize actual right-wing violence and intimidation stateside in the wake of the historic health care vote. Speaking out of both sides of their mouths with astonishing ease, conservatives denounced liberals who protested Coulter's appearance in Canada, and then played defense on behalf of marauding right-wing radicals who unleashed death threats, threw bricks through office windows, and hurled epithets at politicians. All in the name of saving America from President Obama's brand of evil socialism.

That form of intimidation and harassment the GOP Noise Machine had no problem with. Indeed, Democrats themselves were to blame for the rash of political violence."

Sure enough, without disagreeing with Hannity about the “outrage” visited upon poor Coulter, Malkin turned around and superciliously suggested that Democrats were to blame both for the violence against them and the violence against Republicans: “Right. This has become the norm. And so for these Democrats, after they ram through this massive government health care takeover, to claim that there’s some sort of unprecedented crime wave against them while Eric Cantor has this LUNATIC who has leveled death threats at him on YouTube.” Malkin smiled with disdainful pleasure as Hannity told her that the threatener was an Obama supporter.

“You have been called horrible things by news networks,” Hannity said, back in victim mode.

Then it was time to turn again and justify attacks against the left. Malkin said with scornful glee, “I think it’s unprecedented the amount of passion, the amount of pushback (against the left).”

“It’s inspiring,” Hannity agreed.

“I think it is time for a Spartacus type revolt!” Malkin called out with uncharacteristic enthusiasm. The audience applauded loudly.

Malkin, however, had saved some of her sourpuss scorn for Republicans. “The fact is, unfortunately, that the conservative movement has not only had to fight progressives, but progressives within our own party who are undermining national security, who are undermining free market capitalism and you know, unfortunately, you have to look at people like John McCain and I’ve talked about McCain regression syndrome. You have to talk about those Republicans in the Republican party who have stood alongside the Democrats, sending us down the toilet.”

What a vision of positive principles!

You can write to Malkin at writemalkin@gmail.com or Hannity, via the show, at hannity@foxnews.com.