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Bill O’Reilly Discusses “Left Wing Hatred” – Oh, the irony!

Reported by Priscilla - April 2, 2010 -

What a joke. Bill O’Reilly talks about hatred. Here’s a guy whose nationally televised hate speech, consisting of anti-choice rants and description of the late abortion doctor, George Tiller, as a killer, was part of a climate of violence in which Dr. Tiller was murdered by Scott Roeder – who was just sentenced to life in prison. Wednesday night, Bill whined about about how the evil, librul media isn’t covering examples of “left wing hatred.” So there is some irony there and more irony in the fact that one of these heinous incidents was directed towards Fox fave Ann Coulter – whose partisan hate speech makes Bill look like the gangster of love!

While Bill admitted that there is growing hatred in American, “the mainstream media, as we said, largely ignores crazy stuff generated by the far left because many media types sympathize with liberal politics.” He then showed a video of students, in Canada, who were protesting Ann Coulter’s hate speech and claimed that only Fox covered the incident. He showed Karl Rove being confronted by Code Pink and said that he didn’t see the Code Pink “nuts” on any news reports. (I saw it on MSNBC’s David Schuster’s show). And what’s a Bill O’Reilly show without a slam at Louis Farrakhan (a particular “favorite” of Bill’s). He played video of Farrakhan talking about how the Christian right is “trying to set up Obama to be assassinated” and said that only Fox covered Farrakhan’s incitement of “racial hatred” in Chicago. He then discussed how there was “scant” coverage of the “far left guy” who recently heckled Sarah Palin – an incident which he claimed points out that “hatred on the left is bubbling.” He concluded with a snarky reference to the students in California who were protesting college tuition hikes.

This is vintage Bill. He makes a claim that the mainstream media didn’t cover these important examples of “left wing hate” which, as it is a “negative,” is difficult to prove. I hate to break it to him, but his perennial enemy, the NY Times, did cover the Ann Coulter protest. While I can’t say if CNN covered the Rove Code Pink encounter (and Code Pink is hardly a national movement like the Tea Party), on their news shows, there is a video of it on their website. There’s some irony in Rove’s comment about how the left doesn’t believe in dialogue or courtesy. Guess he hasn’t seen the teabaggers shouting down congressmen at Town Hall meetings or the teabag signs portraying Obama as Nazi,Kenyan,Socialist,Nazi,Marxist,”Joker.” Now there’s some courtesy!

Regarding the Canadian protest (a small group of students) against Coulter – first, it’s Canada so it has nothing to do with American “lefties.” Second, their protest cannot be compared with death threats on voice mail to Democratic members of congress, bricks thrown through windows of Democratic members of congress, and white powder sent to a Democratic member of congress. And BTW, the Christian milita members who were getting ready for “Armeggdon,” were hardly left wingers.

Regarding Farrakhan – Bill says that the MSM didn’t cover his so called hateful speech. But was the Fox coverage on their “news”, or was it just part of Bill’s campaign (“opinion news”) of hatred towards Rev. Wright, Rev. Farrakhan, and Father Pfleger? While O’Reilly was discussing Farrakhan, he displayed a photo of Farrakhan with the words “hate speech” under the photo. The Farrakhan comments, shown by Bill, were absolutely correct. The right wing does paint Obama with a Hitler mustache and they are praying for his death. Perhaps the reason why Bill doesn’t know that is because neither Fox nor the MSM has covered the Rev. Wiley Drake who has called for prayers for the death of Barack Obama. Drake, who said that the murder of Dr. Tiller was an answer to his imprecatory prayers, recently called for prayers for the deaths of the 219 members of Congress who voted for health care reform.

Regarding the clip that O’Reilly showed of a young man being removed from the McCain rally after heckling Palin - There were actually two young men who were removed. Other video shows “Alex,” a friend of the heckler shown on O’Reilly video, being roughed up by a plainclothes police and a couple of guys in McCain shirts. This fellow was not a member of the “far left." He said that he “hated Obama” and was a libertarian. Funny, I don’t remember Bill being upset about Randall Terry and his traveling anti-choice freak show being evicted from a Virginia Town Hall and being arrested in Washington DC.

Regarding non-coverage of “news.” Has Bill done any reporting on the Catholic sexual abuse scandal which is moving toward the Vatican? Has he reported on RNC Michael Steele and the “bondagegate” thing. Hmm, leather clad women simulating lesbian sex. Now that’s something Bill could really sink his teeth into – so to speak?

Regarding the comparison of left and right wing "hate" - Can we say apples and oranges?

Regarding hate speech – Look in the mirror, Bill.