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Palin Show Promo Highlights Americans "Who Have Never Given Up"

Reported by Ellen - April 1, 2010 -

I got a Fox Fan email Wednesday (3/31/10) promoting Sarah Palin's new Fox News show, set to air tonight. As Julie and Aunty Em have posted, the show has already generated a load of negative publicity. Now comes this little snicker-worthy addendum.

Fox News is boasting that in the show, "Sarah Palin profiles these real Americans who have given back, given all and have never given up." (my emphasis) I've seen similar promos on the air.

Yes, Sarah "Bailin'" Palin - who could not finish her one term as governor of Alaska, who bailed on her Hawaiian vacation, who quit four colleges before getting her degree, after six years, from a fifth school - is going to help us learn, or as she might say, "lecture" about the importance of persevering.

I can't wait.