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Oops! Hannity Rails Against Those Who “Attack The President”

Reported by Ellen - April 1, 2010 -

Sean Hannity’s hypocrisy knows no bounds. In the middle of his book tour, touting a book that is full of the kind of accusations about President Obama that would make Glenn Beck proud, Hannity had the nerve to criticize Hollywood liberals for “attack(ing) the president like they did.” Hannity was undoubtedly referring to President George W. Bush. When Bush was president, criticizing the president emboldened our enemies and undermined our troops. Now that Obama's president? Not so much. Or maybe just not when Hannity does it. With video.

On a show from the Reagan Library Tuesday (3/30/10), Hannity was discussing (i.e. attacking) Hollywood liberals with athlete Bruce Jenner and former football player Jason Sehorn.

Hannity said, “It seems that there was a transformation.” Referring to the old Hollywood actors like Jimmy Stewart and Bob Hope, Hannity continued, “They loved their country. They supported their troops. They didn’t go out there and attack the president like they did.” Hannity ended abruptly, perhaps realizing that he was in the middle of a book tour attacking the president and that you can't watch a Hannity show without hearing that Obama is a radical socialist and/or a racist.

Then, “regular guy Hannity” – you know the multi-millionaire who canceled an appearance at Washington University because the students sponsoring him could not come up with a private jet that satisfied him and who charged Brigham Young University nearly $50,000 in travel expenses for a "volunteer" speaking engagement and who won’t reveal how much of the $100+ ticket prices to his Freedom Concerts actually goes to charity – attacked liberals for living too high on the hog. “What do you think it is about liberalism, socialism, collectivism – cause they fly around in their private jets. They’ve got their limousines. They’ve got their… high and mighty lifestyle. They’re going out every night. What is it, they’ve got theirs and the heck with the rest of us?”