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Fox & Friends & Fox Nation Target Iowa Civil Rights Chairman Who “Tried To Kill Good Friday”

Reported by Priscilla - March 31, 2010 -

If you follow Fox & Friends and Fox Nation, you know that godless, evil libruls are waging a war on godly Christians. In their battle to destroy life as we know it, these powers of satanic, secular, civil rights loving darkness are doing their gosh darned best to eradicate all that is sacred and it’s just not Christmas. Good Friday was under attack; but praise the lord, it has been resurrected. But that doesn’t stop Fox & Friends and Fox Nation from targeting the man who, according to Fox Nation, “tried to kill Good Friday.” Meanwhile, the Roman Catholic Church is attempting to do damage control because of more revelations of past abuse and cover-up. Nothing to see there, move along. There’s a culture war on Christians and Fox is in the vanguard of the heavenly hosts. Hosanna in the highest!

On the Fox Nation home page, there is photo of a man, under which is the headline “Here’s the Guy Who Tried To Kill Good Friday.” The thread links to an article from Pat Robertson’s (earthquake in Haiti due to voodoo pact with devil) Christian Broadcasting Network which reports on how residents of an Iowa city raised holy hell because the city administrator changed the name of Good Friday to “Spring Holiday.” But thanks to Christian soldiers, all is well in Davenport because Good Friday is back. As noted in an article on “Quad Cities,” the city Civil Rights Commission had articulated concern that using the name “Good Friday” for a paid, city holiday, was a violation of church and state. The commission also felt that using a secular name would “respect the diversity” of Davenport. The chairman of the Commission, Timothy Hart, who was pictured on the Fox Nation article stated that this was only a suggestion and that the commission has no power to make changes. But folks were outraged. Alderman Bill Edmond strongly objected and claimed that it was “political correctness run amuck.” Subsequently, the city admitted that it wasn’t the fault of the commission that the name was changed. According to City administrator Craig Malin, he "forwarded the "Spring" holiday wording, "in error", in a recommendation to staff." He further stated, that "after further review they'll refer to the upcoming observance as ‘Good Friday’.” This admission was not contained in the Fox Nation article to which no addendum has been attached. The defamation of Mr. Hart still stands. Naturally, the Fox Nation reaction is full of the mouth foaming of the we hate Obama and godless libruls type that so characterizes the good “Christians” of Fox Nation.

So whom do we see this morning on Fox & Friends? It’s none other than Alderman Bill Edmond who was interviewed by good Christian Steve Doocy. To a backdrop of video from Roman Catholic services, Doocy reported on how Good Friday was saved. As Edmond discussed how he found out about this evil deed, more Roman Catholic footage was shown. Doocy did his best confused face and clown voice (easy for him) when he said that the townspeople said, “hey wait a minute, the town is trying to rename Good Friday with celebrating spring, it hit the fan,” When Edmund said that “holy hell” broke loose, good Christian Doocy said, “I can imagine.” Doocy said that it was his understanding that the Civil Rights Commission “came up with the idea” and then referenced Timothy Hart while showing his picture. He said that Hart “gave it to the city administrator” and asked if the administrator should have approached the City Council for advice. Edmund said that the administrator “gave the green light.” Video of a Roman Catholic priest giving communion was shown in the background. Doocy asked about the reaction to Timothy Hart’s suggestion. Edmund said that citizens were outraged. Good Christian Doocy said “sure.” Doocy speculated that, in the future, if Hart is “serious about this, he could bring it back to talk about doing it next year.” Edmund said that he would be “welcome” to bring it to the council’s attention; but he also thought it would be voted down. Doocy said “having been born in Iowa, I think you’re right.” (Does Doocy know that there is same sex marriage in Iowa?)

Comment: Given that the Christianity of Fox Nation is the my God is a vengeful and smiting nasty dude, one wonders if Mr. Hart is getting crucified by good “Christians” who are sending death threats and other harassing correspondence. One certainly has to wonder what the percentage is for Fox Nation and Fox & Friends to cover this story other than riling up their culture warriors and perpetuating the good vs. evil, us vs. them meme which is so beloved by “America’s Newsroom.” One has to wonder why the focus of Doocy’s “report” emphasized the role of Mr. Hart. Doocy did not mention the city’s admission that it “wasn’t the commission’s call" and that the spring holiday wording was forwarded in error. But he did warn that Hart “could bring this back.” Thing is that Good Firday has been saved. Fox’s smearing (more subtle on Fox & Friends) of Tim Hart doesn’t seem like a very Christian thing on the part of America’s Christian network – especially on Holy Week.

And memo to Steve Doocy. I know you’re Catholic; but using only Catholic film footage as background imagery is a little disrespectful of those Protestants who do observe Good Friday. And although I haven’t been a Catholic in decades, I do know that Catholics don’t receive communion on Good Friday as there is no mass on that day.