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Cavuto Overlooks Guest's History Of Corporate Fraud, Calls Him "Savvy Businessman"

Reported by Ellen - March 31, 2010 -

Co-authored by Brian

Your World on Monday (3/29/10) featured former football quarterback Fran Tarkenton criticizing discussing health care reform. Tarkenton, now the CEO of Tarkenton Financial, previously founded Tarkenton Software. In 1999,Tarkenton settled with the SEC after being accused of "fraudulently inflating by millions of dollars” his company’s earnings. Tarkenton agreed to pay $54,187 in restitution and a fine of $100,000. He's probably the last guy you’d want to talk to about business, unless you're Neil Cavuto. Cavuto, who never revealed that little brush with the law to the “we report, you decide” network’s audience, called him a "pretty savvy businessman,” and a "great entrepreneur.” With video.

Tarkenton wasted no time attacking the Obama administration for their lack of business cred - unlike, presumably, our savvy guest. "Our President never worked in the private sector, never had to meet a payroll. He's a lawyer, his wife's a lawyer, their best friend, Valerie Jarrett is a lawyer. Out of the cabinet, members in his cabinet,10 out of 15 are lawyers. Nine out of 15 went to Ivy League schools. They were the empowered ones."

Tarkenton continued, “These people have never had to meet a payroll. They’ve never had to go get one more customer. They’ve never had to run their businesses and hire people and so forth.”

I’ll bet they never had to pay $100,000 in fines to the SEC for fraudulent accounting practices, either.

Tarkenton went on to tout the familiar rhetoric heard day in and day out on Fox News: that the Obama administration “ram(med) through this health care bill… against the will of the public.” Apparently, GOP talking points carries more weight than corporate fraud.