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Fox News Reporter Contradicts Megyn Kelly’s Spin About Obama And Netanyahu

Reported by Ellen - March 29, 2010 -

If only Megyn Kelly had bothered to check with her own reporter before she attacked Obama as having made some huge diplomatic faux pas with Israel’s Benjamin Netanyahu, she might have avoided looking like a partisan hack, at least for the time being. Kelly might also have done well to recall that Israel is not the only democracy in the Middle East. I seem to recall we started a little war with Iraq partly to establish democracy. With video.

Kelly introduced the report Friday (3/26/10) by saying, “Netanyahu went to the White House to talk Mideast peace concerns. But not only did the Israeli leader not get the traditional photo op granted to ANY head of state, now we’re hearing he was left to COOL HIS HEELS in a meeting room for OVER AN HOUR while President Obama walked OUT to have dinner with his family, which some are saying is an extraordinary breach of protocol.” (her emphases)

While Kelly spoke, a banner on the lower part of the screen read: Rpt: Israeli PM says he was snubbed at White House meeting.

Kelly brought on reporter Reena Ninan in Jerusalem. “Reena, how is this playing today in the Israeli media?” Kelly asked, apparently thinking that Ninen would harp on the outrage and anti-Obama sentiment.

Instead, Ninen said that Israelis seem to think it was Netanyahu who committed the faux pas. Ninen said, “Well, Megyn, you might think, ‘OK, this leader of the country here went and was left to cool his heels,’ as you mentioned, people might be upset with the U.S. but it’s actually the very opposite. The media here are very critical of Netanyahu and the fact that he has jeopardized the relationship between Israel and the U.S. They look at him as a man without a plan and they feel that he is siding with the right wing and not looking at Israeli interests first.” She went on to say that his approval ratings have dropped and his disapproval ratings have risen.

“So where do we go from here?” Kelly asked. She said it was “so extraordinary to see this sort of tension between the United States and its closest ally, Israel, the only democracy in the Middle East.”

Ninen either didn’t catch or else didn’t want to correct Kelly’s slip up there.

Ninen called the tension “unprecedented.” She suggested that the White House has all the leverage in that it gives $3 billion in aid for Israel’s security “so you could imagine the strain here… if suddenly they were to lose that money or any sort of military support from the U.S. because we know Israel’s greatest ally is America. And that is what makes people nervous here and people upset with Netanyahu, is that that relationship is being jeopardized.”

In other words, Obama may have been using somewhat tough tactics to wrest concessions from Netanyahu that may have worked, at least in the court of Israeli public opinion. But Kelly didn’t bother to go into that.

By the way, isn’t this the same crowd that criticized Obama for being too apologetic about America? You’d think they’d be glad he was acting a little tougher. Why am I sure they would have been had it been George W. Bush instead?