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Fox Nation Comments Advocate Anal Assault & Lynching Of “Baboon” James Clyburn

Reported by Priscilla - March 29, 2010 -

Democratic Congressional Representative James Clyburn, an African American man who lived through an era when angry white mobs harassed and brutalized African Americans who were fighting for their civil rights, recently reacted to the incendiary rhetoric and violent actions, on the part of some in the Tea Party movement, to the passage of health care reform. On MSNBC, Clyburn and Chris Matthews discussed “baby killer,” bricks thrown through windows of Democrats who are now in Sarah Palin’s “cross hairs,” and incendiary rhetoric on the part of those opposed to the legislation. After Matthews played an audio tape of former militia leader, Mike Vanderboegh (on government disability) talking about rifles being taken out and cleaned, Clyburn said “this stuff is beyond the pale…because I can tell you I have seen how these things escalate…so, if we don‘t disown that and go get our people to move beyond that, if we participate in it, either from the balcony or on the floor of the House, you are aiding and abetting this kind of terrorism.” The reality based community would agree with Rep. Clyburn. The lunatic fringe – not so much!

Clyburn’s comment has earned him the ire of astro-turf teabagging organizer, Brendan Steinhauser, of Freedom Works who is demanding an apology from Clyburn. Not surprisingly, the Fox Nation article, titled “No Evidence of Tea Party N Word Exists, Should Clyburn Apologize?” linked to a Politico article, titled “No Audio” which reported this demand. The Politico article states that the “most damaging charge against the conservative grassroots -- of overt racism…lacks clear documentation to back it up” – a little different from “No Evidence.” Not surprisingly, the thread is full of the kind of angry, white racism that we’ve come to expect from poor, discriminated against Fox Nation folks who accused blacks of being racist! “Jane Doe says that we should say the N Word “more often because it exercises our constitutional right to say it!!!!!” The following disgusting angry, violent, and racist comments underscore what Clyburn is saying while showing, once again, that Fox Nation is not a color blind society but a place where Jim Crow is alive and well. Is this the kind of “civil discourse,” Fox Nation is all about? But I’m sure “Hate Liberal Freaks” and “Pale Rider” are proud Christian members of Fox Nation. They sure aren’t real Americans.

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Ask Jesse T Watters if he thinks these types of comments are appropropiate on a blog about “civility and mutual respect.”

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