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Fox Nation Headline Asks If Catholic Clergy Sex Abuse Coverage Is Pope Persecution

Reported by Priscilla - March 28, 2010 -

Just when you thought that Fox Nation couldn’t get any worse with threads specifically geared to generate hatred of Obama, African-Americans, liberals, immigrants, gays and any other group not deemed acceptable by the rabidly bigoted and ignorant Fox Nation readers, Fox Nation goes one step further. While those who care about children are shocked and appalled by the recent revelation of cover-ups of Roman Catholic clergy sexual abuse, a scandal stretching back decades which revealed a culture of depravity and secrecy within a major religion, Fox Nation posts a headline which asks “Is The Media Out To Get The Pope?” So rather than a headline which would correctly ask whether Pope knew of the situations to which he might possibly be linked, Fox Nation trys to lay the blame for “outing” this disgusting activity on the media - another enemy of Fox Nation. You can bet that if somebody in the Obama administration were connected with this type of sordid and criminal activity, Fox Nation (“out to get” Obama) would be asking if Obama knew about it. They would also claim that the media wasn’t sufficiently covering it. But asking if the media is out to get a religious leader whose leadership, regarding sexual abuse issues is now under scrutiny, is beneath contempt.

Recently, there have been revelations about widespread sexual abuse by European Catholic clergy. At the same time, it was also disclosed that the Pope did not defrock a priest who was accused of sexually molesting hundreds of deaf children. But rather than be appropriately concerned about this, conservative Catholics are rallying around Papa Razi. The Catholic League's Bill Donahue, interviewed on MSNBC, attacked the NY Times for covering the story which does have tentacles leading towards the Vatican. Donahue, who minces no words about how Hollywood is controlled by anal sex loving Jews, has also maintained that Catholic clergy sexual abuse is because of the homosexuals in the priesthood. Thus, the Fox Nation linked article, from the right wing NewsMax, comes as no surprise. The article, titled “Vatican Goes on Defensive as Media Stoke Reports of Abuse,” reports that the Pope, when he was Archbishop of Munich, knew nothing about the transfer of a pedophile priest within his jurisdiction. Naturally, News Max quoted Bill Donahue who accused the NY Times, which published an article stating that the then Cardinal Ratzinger received a memo informing him that a pedophile priest was returning to duty after therapy (the priest was later convicted of sexual abuse) , of trying to “discredit the church.” (Uh, the church has discredited itself!) Donahue claimed that the Times printed it “to keep the flame alive of bias against the Catholic Church and the Pope.” He said that if the Pope knew of the transfer, “so what.” Obviously Donahue, like the Catholic church, doesn’t approve of the airing of dirty laundry as he asked why, if this is old news, the paper printed the story. Donahue said that the Prada wearing Pope “is a great man.” He added that the “international media” (is that like “international Jewry,” Bill?) are reporting on this because it gives them “an opportunity to discredit the Catholic Church because of its stands on abortion, sexuality and the family.” (Right, Bill, let’s keep it secret, just like in the good old days, and nobody will know that your beloved parish priest, who is telling you that birth control is a mortal sin, is messing with your child.) Bill went further into bizarro world when he said that the “left wing cultural elite view the church as their chief obstacle because…it obstructs their view of genital liberation.” (*Donahue, a divorced Catholic (!?), does seem to have some – er – issues.) The article did not mention how the Pope sent a letter to the bishops of Ireland about their abuse scandal but still has not addressed the clergy in his homeland of Germany – where there have been accusations of rampant abuse some of which took place where Ratzinger’s brother was the choirmaster.

Comment: The Catholic Church, a political as well as religious institution is being held accountable for its years of sexual abuse and it’s attempts to cover it up – and Fox Nation, like Bill Donahue, suggests that the media is “out to get the Pope?” Widespread corruption, in any organization, needs to be exposed and addressed. One could argue that the non-exposure of this violation of this behavior, which took advantage of the most vulnerable, allowed it to continue as long as it did. If the Pope knowingly aided and abetted in this matter, he just be “gotten.” He is not above the law. It’s the job of the press to report on corruption. The right wing has been critical of the media for not sufficiently covering Barack Obama. That they criticize the media’s coverage of a Christian figure, who is the head of an organization still dealing with organizational failure to protect children, shows quite the double standard. Rather than accusing the meda of trying to “get the Pope,” this headline, from the Australian “Herald Sun,” a Murdoch publication, is far more appropriate: “Church Hierarchy Has Lost Its Moral Compass.” Fox Nation lost theirs a long time ago.


Needless to say, the Fox Nation are of the usual knuckle dragging, bigoted, ignorant, and anti Obama variety.

*Correction: Donahue is not a bachelor. He is divorced and the father of two adult children.http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/William_A._Donohue