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First, FNC’s Trotta Joked About Killing Obama, Now She’s Accusing The Left Of Exaggerating Health Care Threats

Reported by Ellen - March 28, 2010 -

Co-authored by Brian

On the America’s News HQ show which is, presumably, one of the “fair and balanced” news programs on Fox and not an opinion show, host Shannon Bream brought out Fox News contributor Liz Trotta yesterday (3/27/10) to discuss “media responsibility” in its coverage of threats to the administration and members of Congress after the health care vote. You may recall that in 2008, Trotta joked about assassinating then-presidential candidate Barack Obama right there on Fox News. Apparently, that failed to put any dent in her “fair and balanced" punditry cred. In fact, Bream didn’t even bother to report it in her introduction of the segment to the “we report, you decide” network’s viewers. Instead, Bream, asked, “So, how has the media mishandled these threats?” suggesting that Trotta was going to report news, not offer an opinion. Not surprisingly, Trotta wasted no time falling into the Fox News line - which just happens to match the GOP line - of blaming and attacking the left for the threats. With video.

Trotta said, “Well, you know, the left wing virtually invented violent dissent going all the way back to the 1960's. So to hear everybody wildly exaggerating and embroidering what's happening in Washington, is really rather laughable, and the media has been suckered into it."

So what WOULD Trotta consider a viable threat and a serious concern? Someone showing up with a loaded gun? Isn’t the idea to cool things down now and to avoid something like that from happening? Hearing the steady diet of inflammatory rhetoric like this on Fox, you really have to wonder how far they are willing to go.

Video via Media Matters.