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Ted Nugent Tells Cavuto: We’ve Got To Kill The Pig Bill, Created By Pig Bureaucrats, To Help Out American Pigs

Reported by Ellen - March 27, 2010 -

Co-authored by Brian

Chalk Ted Nugent up as another violence-talking right winger that Fox News doesn’t have a problem with. Oh sure, host Neil Cavuto made a point of eliciting from Nugent that he didn’t literally mean it when he said about the recently-passed health care legislation, “This is a pig bill, created by pig bureaucrats, to help out American pigs… We’ve got to kill the pigs.” But Cavuto obviously didn’t have any objections to that kind of rhetoric, at least none he wanted to air. Because despite Nugent’s violence-laden rant, one of several he has made, Cavuto said, it was “always fun” to have Nugent on. With video.

Nugent – a draft dodger - showed up for the interview in army fatigues and a U.S. Border Patrol cap. He wasted no time getting to talk of killing. "I'm Ted Nugent, Governor of Pigland, so I'm the expert on the health care bill, because I kill pigs, and I just shot a monster big pig here in Texas. Seeing as how this is a pig bill, created by pig bureaucrats, to help out American pigs." Comment: Ted just called the uninsured pigs! Unbelievable! Even more unbelievably, Cavuto didn't seem to have a problem with it.

Nugent continued, "As I was about to put a 10 millimeter slug inside this pig's head, the last thing he said was (Nugent made a pig noise), which is pig for, ‘Where's my health care?’ They're pigs. Neil, we’ve got to kill the pigs. In November, we’ve got to vote the pigs out of office because this is a redistribution of wealth. This is the Communist-Mao-Che agenda of the Communist-Mao-Che fans in the White House. They’re pigs, Neil!"

Cavuto joked, "I'll put you down as a no vote on health care."

"That's an enormous pig-like no," Nugent said.

Then Cavuto started to smooth things over for Nugent. "I know you're talking humorously."

"Well, not really, not really. It's metaphoric," Nugent said.

Cavuto sympathetically pointed out that this kind of talk might be interpreted on the other side as a "not so coded message for violence."

Who, Nugent? "I believe in the Martin Luther King and the Glenn Beck style of no violence. We need to vote these wasteful, corrupt bureaucrats out," he said. “The hardest working Americans are absolutely stunned at the abuse in a system by which the politicians can force this monster upon us… So in a peaceful, voting-booth revolt, a revolution of independents instead of dependents, this bill is about dependency upon a government that doesn’t work.”

Cavuto ended the segment by saying, "Always fun." He quipped, “Good luck coming out of your shell. It seems to be working.”

Comment: Cavuto was funny but this kind of hate talk is no joke and it is tearing us apart. It sounded like Nugent was advocating killing lawmakers. This is scary stuff indeed.

Cavuto's amused tolerance for Nugent was quite a contrast with his intolerance for Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee for comparing the reactions to the health care bill to reactions to civil rights legislation. Jackson Lee never said anything remotely suggesting violence yet Cavuto repeatedly interrupted her with undisguised antagonism.