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Fox News’ “Analyst” Sarah Palin Campaigns For John McCain On Fox News

Reported by Ellen - March 27, 2010 -

Friday’s (3/26/10) On The Record devoted three entire segments (and promised a fourth, but I turned off the TV) to Sarah Palin campaigning for John McCain earlier in the day. We saw excerpts of her speech on his behalf, two segments with the former running mates being interviewed together and a third segment with just Palin, seated in front of a McCain campaign backdrop. In that segment, nearly ever answer she gave host Greta Van Susteren was a plug for McCain. And since her lips were moving, it was not surprising to catch her in at least one falsehood. But the entire set up could not have been a more blatant attempt at advocacy than if Van Susteren herself had showed up wearing a McCain campaign pin. With video.

Dressed, as Styleite noted, like a dominatrix done wrong, Palin got an entire segment to herself after, as Van Susteren put it, McCain “raced off to talk to his constituents.”

Van Susteren asked the predictable softball questions such as “What’s it like for you to be together with Senator McCain again?” No mention of that embarrassing little incident where Palin was caught wearing a visor on which she had blacked out McCain’s name, and which caused her to bail on her vacation once she was caught.

Nevertheless Palin gushed to Van Susteren that it was just "awesome" to be back together with McCain.

Van Susteren also avoided the embarrassing allegations from former McCain staffers and from John McCain himself that Palin had fabricated or gotten wrong many of the incidents she wrote about in her book.

Van Susteren did make some attempts to probe. For example, she tried to find out from Palin if there are any substantive issues on which she and McCain have “a respectful disagreement.”

Not a one, thanks to the awesome leadership of McCain! “The point here is that Senator McCain and I agree on the big picture… Senator McCain has been on the right track… toward prosperity and security… He certainly has been THE fighter against Obamacare,” Palin enthused. Gee, you'd think she'd WANT to walk around with a McCain visor!

Van Susteren next asked if the tea party movement would have an impact on the Republican primary, the contest in which McCain is fighting for the nomination against J.D. Hayworth.

Palin replied, “Tea Party leaders are not opposing John McCain… He is a part of the tea party movement.” Well, not really. A survey of tea party leaders by Politico found that McCain was the Republican most cited as a disappointment. About half the respondents listed McCain as the Republican they were most unhappy with.

But putting all that aside, what the heck is a "news" network doing allowing so much air time for one of their own contributors to openly campaign?