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Senator “Waterloo” DeMint Uses Fox News As Platform For More Health Care Reform Battles

Reported by Ellen - March 25, 2010 -

Not that Sen. Jim "Waterloo" DeMint’s anti-health care campaigning on Hannity last night (3/14/10) was any big surprise, given what anti-health care reform activists the “fair and balanced” network has become. But it’s still worth noting how blithely DeMint put forward his activism without any apparent concern that he might have been overstepping his bounds as a news guest. First, DeMint used the issue to get viewers to sign a petition that was purportedly to help elect candidates to repeal the bill. But there’s no doubt the petition would be used for fundraising. Later, DeMint implicitly acknowledged that repeal was unlikely – further suggesting that the real purpose of the petition was to fundraise – so he urged state governors to “really push back.” It’s also worth noting how nobody mentioned that Senator “Waterloo” himself may have brought about the unintended consequence of causing the Republican Waterloo. With video.

In a discussion about – what else? – health care reform, DeMint told Hannity, “The important thing now, Sean, is to replace those who voted for the health care bill and to repeal it when we get some new members here. And I would encourage your viewers to go to (he named a website) and help us sign people up all over the country to support only candidates who are going to repeal this bill.”

But later, DeMint acknowledged that repeal is unlikely. “The states may be our only hope to stop this rampage of government takeovers at the federal level. If we had more states push back, not only on health care but on education, on opening up their own energy supplies, on getting back their own transportation dollars. There are many things this federal government is doing that are outside the enumerated powers of the Constitution. And if we have a few champion governors who really push back, I think it’s gonna embolden their people to stand up and say, ‘We don’t want the federal government running our lives and putting this debt on our children.’”

Meanwhile, there’s been a lot of discussion about the possibility that the obstructionist behavior of DeMint and other Republicans had just brought about Waterloo after all, but for Republicans, not Democrats. But the thought of discussing that never seemed to occur to Hannity.