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Karl Rove Uses Disingenuous Plea For Restraint As Excuse To Fan Flames Against Democrats

Reported by Ellen - March 25, 2010 -

On America Live today, Megyn Kelly trotted out Karl Rove to “put into perspective” the gunshots fired at Republican Eric Cantor’s office in the wake of health care reform. First, Rove made a nod toward urging restraint and denouncing anyone in authority who might be using the incidents to “fan the flames” of hostilities. But, sure enough, before long, Rove was doing exactly that – and suggesting Democratic lawmakers were responsible for what happened to Cantor's office. With video.

At about the 3:50 mark, Rove said, “The best way to deal with this is not to do what (Democrat) Chris Van Hollen did, which is to go on cable TV… to make claims about these threats that he had no right to do.”

Instead of pointing out that Republican Cantor had just done exactly what Rove had accused Van Hollen of, Kelly read Van Hollen’s comments so that Rove could attack him further.

Sure enough, that’s exactly what he did. “This is over the top,” Rove said, adding that Van Hollen “owes the American people an apology… That is really reprehensible… It really is beyond the pale… It shows what lack of character he has.”

Kelly played a clip of an obscenity-laden call to another Republican lawmaker and asked, “Can this be the end of the matter? … It’s just awful.”

Well, not the end of attacks on Democrats. Rove said, “This kind of stuff happens more than they want to acknowledge (meaning attacks against Republicans)… All these political actors… and particularly the Democrats like Van Hollen, to back off and let law enforcement do what it needs to do… We encourage them by giving them this kind of attention and making these kind of charges as Van Hollen and some of these other Democrats do."

Despite her plea to end the "awful" rhetoric, Kelly didn't seem to have any problem Rove's blatantly transparent, partisan ploys to use these awful incident to demonize Democrats. "Thank you so much for your insights on it," she told him.