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Bill O’Reilly Doesn’t Agree with Dana Loesch’s Nasty, Right Wing Invective? Go Figure!

Reported by Priscilla - March 25, 2010 -

I don’t know if this is a sign of the coming “end times;” but Bill O’Reilly actually disagreed with a guest whose right wing blather made Bill look actually sane. I don’t know if it’s because Glenn Beck takes up all the Fox airspace with his brand of crazy talk and Bill doesn’t want to compete or if it’s just good pharmaceuticals; but the old red-faced “shut-up” Bill, on occasion, has been replaced with a more mellow and reasoned one (The invasion of the Obama body snatchers? Quick, Glenn, get on it!) During his interview with up and coming Misssouri teabagging mom turned hate radio jock, Dana Loesch, Bill actually showed that even he has limits. Who knew!!! Ms. Loesch made Bill look normal. It must be the end of the world as we know it.

Dana Loesch is a homeschooling mom who recently appeared on the "Factor" to diss public education. She is a cofounder of the St. Louis Tea Party and has a radio show on a Fox affiliated station in St. Louis which is so awesome that Michael Savage asked her to fill in for him recently. But she has a softer side. When she isn’t inspiring revolution, she writes about “mom” stuff on her blog, "Mamalogues." Her written word is so awesome that she now writes material for Andrew Breitbart’s blog. On Monday night (March 22nd) she returned to the “Factor” for a discussion about the unpleasantness that recently emanated from her fellow teabagging travelers during last weekend's Washington DC protest against healh care reform.

Bill introduced his “Personal Story” segment with a report about the accusations, by African American members of Congress, that racial epithets were hurled at them – and worse. He showed video of these congressional reps walking into congress while surrounded by a crowd of angry white people. He noted that although the "Factor” “hasn’t found any tapes, the reports of race hate and spitting were widely reported." He introduced Loesch, “radio talk show host who is following the story.” Ms. Loesch was dressed in tres chic and way cool punk, business casual – sporting what appeared to be a “Public Enemy” ("Fight The Power") tee shirt. (Some rich irony in the image of a white, middle class conservative sporting couture related to an African American rap group which focuses on issues important to the black community!) Bill referenced Representative Sheila Jackson Lee’s commentary about what happened. Loesch claimed to have reviewed lots of footage and didn’t hear anything that supported the allegations. She said that if it happened it would be “heinous” but added that “to make up an allegation” is also heinous. Bill said that nothing could be proven either way; but “something happened to Congressman Cleaver” whom Bill described as a "man of honesty." But Bill then launched into his anti-media, anti-NY Times meme when he said that if this kind of thing is an isolated instance, it isn’t fair to paint the movement as “all in the same suit because you’re always going to have nuts.” Of course, when describing anti-war protestors, in 2004, Bill described them as “loons.” Obviously forgetting that the image of angry white people, spitting and insulting African Americans, was burned into American consciousness during the Civil Rights era, Bill said he didn’t understand why this was front page news in the NY Times. Loesch said that if this happened, there were no arrests made. She didn’t note that the alleged spitter was cuffed by police and released because, according to the Capitol Police, Rep. Cleaver wouldn't identify him because he didn’t want to press charges.

Things took an interesting turn when O’Reilly said that “we have to put an end to this behavior.” Rather than addressing what appears to be racist behavior on the part of her homies, Loesch referenced “the most underreported hate crime in our nation’s history” in which “Kevin Gladney was beaten by SEIU shirted workers.” She accused the left of being “disingenuous” in “ignoring and suppressing that incident.” Obviously, Loesch doesn’t read her St. Louis Post Dispatch which did cover the incident in which there were no witnesses and around which a whole mythology developed. She continued to blither about fabricated charges against the teabaggers. When O’Reilly asked how she knew they were fabricated, she said because “it wasn’t on tape.” (So that proves it!) As she was venturing into lala land, Bill stayed with reality by saying that “just because it’s not on tape, it doesn’t mean it’s fabricated and we got to be careful.” Having a bit of a vocabulary problem, Loesch said that she can’t take the word of somebody who “is literally stomping on the Constitution with their actions in Congress…” (Yo, Dana, the adverb is “figuratively” – google it) Loesch continued her "stomping" metaphor with the comment that this “stomping” "invalidates credibility." When Bill said that he couldn’t say that a politician who voted for Obama is a liar, Loesch repeated “stomping.” She got into a little parsing when she claimed that she wasn’t saying that Cleaver is lying; but that there’s no proof to support what he said. When Bill said “other than his word” she responded that “his word lacks credibilitity considering what he’s doing to the majority of Americans.” Bill said “we disagree” and reiterated that he didn’t think that “there was any linkage between the two.” Dana smiled and said “I do.”

Comments: Dana Loesch’s venom is on a par with the patrician Ann Coulter. But her persona is more like the Joe Six Pack Sarah Palin; although she hasn’t quite mastered the trademark wink. A comment on a St. Louis blog described her as a “midwestern Sarah Palin, full of the same vague claims and innuendos, and using the same thought processes.” True that. Loesch’s bigoted and partisan rhetoric made Bill O’Reilly look like the model of civil discourse!