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Jason Mattera, On Fox & Friends, Says His Generation Are Stoners And Porn Addicts?

Reported by Priscilla - March 24, 2010 -

As an example of Christian conservative “jungen,” Jason Mattera is fierce. While at college, he tried to start a whites only scholarship in order to protest the injustice of scholarships for minorities - despite the fact that he benefited from an Hispanic scholarship. After graduation, he was in the vanguard of those young conservative storm troopers who cheered for the Iraq War. During an interview with MSNBC’s Chris Matthews, he claimed that his fellow young people are more conservative than those nasty, bad, book burning, classroom disrupting youth of the 60’s. When Matthews asked Mattera why he hadn’t enlisted to fight in Iraq, Mattera said that he was “fighting the culture war here.” As a proud, Christian heterosexual, Mattera also viciously attacked the mother of Matthew Shephard, the young gay man whose murder, by homophobes, is the reason why our national hate crimes legislation is named for Shephard. Mattera, who is the head of the right wing Young America Foundation and who writes for "Hot Air" (a blog founded by *Michelle Malkin) recently gained some notoriety for his rip roaring, “bombastic” speech at the 2010 C-PAC Convention during which he attacked diversity in homophobic terms, mocked Barney Frank, and said that President Obama snorted cocaine. But he’s just your typical American Gen Nexter and as such, Fox & Friends wanted his opinion on health care reform as it related to today’s youth. He also got to pimp his new anti-Obama book; so it’s all good.

This morning, Fox & Friends Brian Kilmeade began by asking if the future costs of health care will hurt America’s youth. He introduced Fox fave (his stalking of the late John Murtha got him a bunch of Fox invites which he cites on his website) Mattera and cited Mattera’s new book, “Obama Zombies, How the Liberal Machine Brainwashed My Generation.” (LOL, Mattera is on spin cycle!) Mattera immediately demonstrated his keen understanding of issues (snark) got all excited when he claimed that older folks might not be fooled by socialism; but you can “do it to young brats who are high on Mary Jane, downloading porn from their dorm room waiting for Barack Obama to deliver them a strawberry scented welfare check. The reality is that this is a fiscal time bomb and adding another government program on top of the other government programs is a torpedo aimed at our financial future and every young person should be opposed to it as I write about in "Obama Zombies." The other guest, Alicia Mendes (New Democratic Network), joked about how Jason is good at hyperbole. Mattera laughed as she talked about how young people can now stay on their parents plans until the age of 26 and referenced other benefits. Mattera said that he talks about this “entitlement mentality” in his book. He shouted “my goodness, have some personal responsibility and integrity.” (Oh, the irony). Kilmeade articulated a right wing talking point when he asked Mendes if she was concerned that this provision will result in young people “losing their incentive to get that job. They’ll stay at the deli making ham and cheese sandwiches because they get their parent’s insurance.” The chyron was another right wing talking point: "Skyrocketing Costs, Future Generation May Be Saddled With Debt.” When Mendes noted that there will be tax breaks for businesses that employ young people, Mattera reminded us, again, about his book when he referenced the page where he discusses “entitlement programs.” Another “Oh, Snap” to Mendes when she said that he was really pushing his book. He said that he “should be because young people have been screwed and lobotomized by the liberal machine.” When Nunes said that you had eight years of inaction, Mattera shouted that the Obama administration shills to the 18 to 35 demographic. Kilmeade said “right.” Mattera communicated the obligatory right wing reference to socialism when he accused Obama of pushing us into a “socialist abyss” and “it’s time we have a new generation who cries athwart history to get your government off our freedom.” (A phrase he used for his C-Pac speech). When Nunes said that she thought Mattera was “very smart” but out of touch with his generation, he said “I’ll give you that, I am very smart.” When Nunes said that this generation is activist, Mattera produced another requisite right wing talking point when he said that America was founded on personal liberties. (Cept for women and slaves) and that “we weren’t founded as an activist government.” (Hmm, Hamilton might disagree!)

Comment: Surely there must be some reasoned and moderate young conservatives who could “talk about my generation” in a more reasoned and moderate way than Jason Mattera. (He wrote a book, did ya know that?) All I can say is Dude, simmer down. That Fox & Friends would utilize an ultra right wing youth, to advance a conservative argument, says all you need to know about Fox’s homies. But talk about Zombies, Jason Mattera’s constant parroting of right wing talking points makes those George Romero zombies look normal! Night of the Living Young Conservative – coming to a theater near you!

And Dude, ixnay on the "Mary Jane." It's so old school!


*Correction - Our favorite Fox Fan (heeeere's Johnny) informed us that Malkin is no longer affiliated with "Hot Air" as it was sold to Salem Communications. She was, however, a founder. Meanwhile, Bill O'Reilly loves to connect George Soros to Media Matters despite the reality which indicates otherwise.
But thanks, Johnny, for reading News Hounds.