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Sarah Palin Lectures Fox News Viewers About The Importance Of Being Well Informed

Reported by Ellen - March 23, 2010 -

Last night (3/22/10) on Hannity, it was time for another round of Fox News’ “Let’s pretend Sarah Palin actually knows something about policy.” Despite the coaching Palin has obviously received, she remains blatantly, hugely and laughably uninformed. But that didn’t stop her from opining to Fox News viewers that THEY need to become well informed. With video.

Sean Hannity began the second part of his two-part interview with Palin by asking what should have been a simple question for her. “Do you think that many of these Democrats that voted for this health care monstrosity, do you think… they ended their career yesterday?”

Just like when he asked her if a Constitutional challenge against health care reform would prevail and just like when Greta Van Susteren asked her for her prescription for covering the uninsured, Palin obviously had no idea. “Let’s hope so,” she punted. Then, in a really, really condescending voice that she must have thought made her sound more knowledgeable (instead of just more annoying), she proceeded to sound off on what constituents need to do: Hold them accountable and fire them.

In the voice of a nursery school teacher talking to a room full of children, Palin declared that the bill “does absolutely nothing to lower our health care bills.” Of course, she offered nothing to back up her assertion.

She also never offered a thought about what the political consequences for Democrats might be.

Not that Hannity seemed to mind. He kindly moved on to discuss what she does know a little something about, Republican politics.

Near the end of the discussion, at about the 6:25 mark, Hannity paused to engage in a bit of political activism by hyping their upcoming joint appearance at an event held by Michele Bachmann and then his upcoming Conservative Victory Tour. He suggested that “tens of thousands" would turn out, just to see her.

Palin beamed as he said that but I seriously doubt she’ll pull that many people. Palin’s popularity has dropped like a lead balloon since the 2008 election and I’d bet money it won’t be bouncing back any time soon.

Here’s one of the reasons why: In her condescending voice, she said, “Sean, let’s encourage people, too, to get as much information about all of these issues as possible… Let’s get the information out there, too, and make sure that people are well informed as they go into these midterm elections.” Yes, the woman who knows about foreign policy because Alaska is near Russia yet can't explain what the Bush doctrine is or name a single newspaper she reads was lecturing others that THEY need to be well informed.

Feel free to help Palin get well informed by dropping her a line with some facts at Hannity@foxnews.com. Maybe she can write them on her hand.