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Greta Van Susteren Further Legitimizes Wingnut Cuccinelli And Gives A PR Boost To His Health Care Legislation Lawsuit

Reported by Ellen - March 23, 2010 -

Last week, we posted about Greta Van Susteren’s very friendly interview with Virginia’s wingnut Attorney General, Ken Cuccinelli that overlooked the many aspects of his record that might scream, “Extremist Loon!” if they were revealed. Last night (3/22/10), Cuccinelli was back on On The Record for another chat about the lawsuit he said he would initiate against the federal government the moment President Obama signed the health care legislation into law. Once again, Van Susteren failed to report to the “we report, you decide” network’s viewers any of the factors that might have cost Cuccinelli some credibility: his recent revocation of policies banning discrimination against gays and lesbians at Virginia’s public colleges, his sympathy for birthers, and his reluctance to get his son a Social Security number because “it is being used to track you.” But unlike Cuccinelli’s last appearance, when Van Susteren was more obviously dubious about his legal argument against the federal government, this time Van Susteren pointed out he had the strongest of all the threatened cases and even wished him good luck with it. With video.

Cuccinelli was the first of several threatened lawsuits against the federal government, all over health care reform, that Van Susteren highlighted last night. Van Susteren told him that she foresaw him having a problem with one aspect of his case that has to do with whether or not health care reform involves commerce (I’m not a lawyer but I believe she was arguing that health care might well be deemed as interstate commerce and thus subject to federal, not state, law) but she soon added, “Out of all the states that I’ve seen so far, you (have) the strongest argument because you have this particular Virginia statute (prohibiting mandatory health insurance)." She didn’t mention whether she thought the “strongest” argument was a strong argument. I suspect she thinks not.

As the interview ended, she wished Cuccinelli good luck.

She was a bit more skeptical in the next interview, on the same video, below.

But she never put up any kind of serious challenge to either one.