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Glenn Beck Spins Health Care Vote As His Victory

Reported by Ellen - March 23, 2010 -

Glenn Beck was surprisingly unvitriolic yesterday (3/22/10) in the wake of the passage of the Democrats’ health care plan. Oh, sure he called Michael Moore a “big fat cottage cheese butt” and attacked civil rights icon Rep. John Lewis for having the nerve to “compare” himself to a civil rights activist - and failed to mention that racial epithets had been hurled at him and others by tea party protesters. But, overall, Beck was thankful. Really. Why? Because the Democrats had finally outed themselves as the kind of radicals Beck had always said they were. So the heck with the country going to hell in a handbasket, as Beck sees the health care legislation. He had been vindicated! With video.

Beck, in his serious, hushed voice, beside his fake TV, acknowledged how chipper he was in the face of the passage of the bill. “It’s taken a while for me to get this happy. This weekend was tough for me.” He later said, “What happened this weekend was nothing less than an assault on our republic.” But he seemed more interested in focusing on the “good news” which, according to him, is that the House vote meant the “end of the Democrat Party as we know it.” Some people say it’s the end of the Republican Party but Beck didn’t mention that.

“I’m actually feeling thankful, surprisingly,” He said. Still upbeat, he added, “If you think this is over, gang… wait until you see what’s coming. They’re already starting on immigration!”

Beck explained further why he was so cheerful. “I’m thankful that the progressive party has stepped out of the shadow and showed Americans who they really are… ruthless, morally bankrupt. The progressive party have consumed the Democrats now.”

As Beck saw it, this was all just confirmation of Beck's keen insights and foresights. “I saw this coming in 2004. I remember big fat cottage cheese butt Michael Moore sitting next to Jimmy Carter. The cottage cheese ass and the peanut farmer and I thought, ‘This is a recipe for disaster.’ …When the Democrats lost big elections in Virginia and New Jersey… and… Ted Kennedy’s seat… I told you that the path the Democrats took from then on would be telling. It would separate them from Democrats or revolutionaries.”

“I’m actually thankful today,” Beck reiterated, because “the mask is off. Everything we said they’d do, they did… Progressives have exposed themselves… We’ve showed you who the progressives are… They hate America as most Americans understand it.”