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Misleading Fox Nation Headline Asks If Obama “Duped” Bart Stupak

Reported by Priscilla - March 22, 2010 -

Fox Nation headlines can sometimes be misleading. Their headline, “Why Is Obama Dissing POW/MIA Group”, had nothing to do with the linked article which was titled “Rolling Thunder Not Expecting Obama Greeting” and which reported that the group was being met by an administration official. Ergo – no "dissing” except in the mind of the Fox Nation writer. In a similar fashion, Fox Nation asked “Is Obama Targeting Catholics?” The linked article merely described the reaction of a Catholic bishop to Obama’s address at Notre Dame. Ergo, no "dissing" except in the mind of the Fox Nation writer. Sometimes the Fox Nation headline is the headline used in the linked article, such as “Girl Scouts Gone Wild,” an article in the National Review not about Girl Scouts exposing themselves but allegedly permitting the distribution of an allegedly “lurid” pamphlet at a conference. So when I saw “Did White House Dupe Stupak Into Abortion Agreement?” I checked out the actual article, titled “Stupak to Back Health Care Bill," which says nothing about "duping." But it did make for an attention getting headline - albeit very misleading - but then this is Fox Nation so are we surprised!

The article merely described how Bart Stupak decided to vote for health care reform because of the assurances given by President Obama, in the form of an Executive Order, that no federal funds will be spent on abortion. There was nothing in the article to suggest that Mr. Stupak was “duped” although now the suggestion is out there. Obama is smeared as a “duper” and Stupak is smeared as a “dupe” - a term which implies at its best, naiveté; or at worst, stupidity. Nice piece of propaganda. At least, so far, there aren’t any threats being leveled at Stupak; but the day is young!