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Fox News Largely Ignoring Tea Party Racism And Immigration March

Reported by Ellen - March 22, 2010 -

I can't swear that Fox never covered the big immigration rally yesterday but it certainly got far less coverage than the tea partiers. Fox Even worked them into their coverage of Bart Stupak's press conference announcing his momentous decision to support the health care bill. This, despite the fact that, as Think Progress noted, the immigration rally was significantly larger. Fox News' support for the tea partiers has been widely noted here and elsewhere. Similarly, the "fair and balanced" network has played down racial issues involving the tea partiers. Can there be any doubt that if Obama supporters had hurled anti-white epithets toward Republicans that Fox News would be covering it 24/7? Yet, as our friends at Brave New Films reveal via their Facebook page at Cuentame, there is much disturbing racism among the tea partiers. Why is Fox News not covering this more closely? Videos after the jump.

UPDATE: A Foxnews.com article suggests no slurs or spitting came from tea party protesters.