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Health Care Reform Live Blogging

Reported by Live Blog - March 21, 2010 -

We're glued to our TV sets... and I suspect you are, too. What are you seeing in the way of coverage? We're watching Fox so you don't have to - but today might be a good day to join us. Or, if you're watching another network, help us compare and contrast. (Note: I messed up the last post and have redone it here. So if your comment has disappeared, it's because of my error. (Ellen))

5:09 PM (ET) Fox News seems resigned to HCR passage.

5:11 Probably Fox is conferring with GOP about next step.

5:15 Pence telling Greta that Obama is most "pro abortion" president. Sure, that's why he made deal with Stupak.

6:02 What, no Glenn Beck in Fox's special coverage of vote? Hannity, O'Reilly, Greta, Shep, Megyn, Neil and just about every other weekday host is on board.

6:15 Beck must be in his Doom Bunker.

6:35 Seriously, I think it's a slap in Beck's face that Fox does not consider him part of the team.

6:48 Boy, do they sound dejected on the Special Report panel. Krauthammer is whining that Stupak caved, when the progressives I know are complaining that Obama caved, Juan Williams is the only who sounds upbeat.

8:14 Is it just me or was O'Reilly condescending to Palin and her "analysis" of health care reform?

10:35 Krauthammer and A.B.Stoddard giving Pelosi credit for getting the bill done despite Scott Brown's election. Ditto from me.

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