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Fox News Trots Out Gene Simmons Of KISS To Diss Health Care Reform

Reported by Ellen - March 20, 2010 -

How desperate is Fox News to take down health care reform? As part of their all-out effort, they dredged up Gene Simmons Of KISS to attack it on Friday (3/19/10). Unfortunately for Fox and Megyn Kelly, Simmons spent most of his segment promoting his life insurance for millionaires, rather than attacking health care reform, as had obviously been planned. With video.

As part of a gushing introduction, Kelly asked, “Did you know (Simmons) is also a serious and successful businessman? And now his famous mouth is doing more than blasting out songs. He’s got a lot to say about public policy, from health care to taxes and on and on.”

I knew nothing about Simmons or his views but with that introduction, there was no possibility that Simmons was not going to criticize health care reform.

“It’s so exciting to have you here,” Kelly effused. When he kissed her hand, she said, “I can die now.”

Now there was no doubt Simmons was going to go after Obama, too.

“You have some strong opinions, I’m told… including on health care,” Kelly said, as if she didn’t already know what they were. Heck, I already knew what they were. “You voted for President Obama,” she prompted.

As she spoke, a banner on the lower third of the screen read: "KISS band leader Gene Simmons discusses health care reform." The same banner was on the screen for about five of the nearly eight minutes Simmons was on. After the five-minute mark, the producers must have realized it was a lost cause.

Simmons obviously didn’t want to play too far into Fox News’ hands. He immediately told Kelly, “I voted for President Bush. I voted for President Clinton and I voted for President Obama. And I’m a citizen like anybody else. I can agree with certain social issues and completely disagree with our pathetic foreign policy.” It turns out Simmons is an Israeli immigrant who is pretty hawkish on foreign policy. Then he added, “In terms of the economy… I think the worst thing we could do now is health care… Everybody should have the ability to do that, get good jobs, but when the government gets involved, it’s disaster.”

That was all that Simmons would say about health care of Obama. He spent the rest of the segment plugging his business. “We’re here to talk about your options,” Simmons said (he was there with a business partner), taking off his dark glasses. “The most important piece of paper you’re ever going to sign is your life insurance… I have an estate. I’ve worked all my life to become a high-net-worth individual… I have a lot of dough.” After a brief rant about how high his estate taxes will be, he explained that his business has created “a new structure that enables you, high-net-worth individual, to never have to go cash out of pocket… “

Thank God for this news you can use… if you’re a millionaire. I wonder how many people in Fox News’ audience were breathing a sigh of relief about this solution for their estate taxes.

Simmons continued, “Now that I’m successful, because of America, and now that I’m a high-net-worth individual, there are other people like me – movie stars and rock stars and sports stars and people who are in a position where they finally get the fruits of their labor and you want to make sure you minimize your estate taxes.”

“Yeah!” Kelly enthused. Finally she got around to asking “How about the regular folks?”

Sorry, regular folks. Simmons’ business partner said, “I was in that market for a long time but… you’ve got to choose your own niche.”

Then, the three had a good laugh about how much Simmons might be worth.

“Well, that went in an interesting direction,” Kelly said, giggling, as she ended the segment.