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Today's The 7th Anniversary Of Iraq Invasion

Reported by Ellen - March 19, 2010 -

Our friends Robert Greenwald and Brave New Films have a new video to remind us of the damage in the 7 years since the "short, short conflict" began that was not supposed to last even six months: Thousands dead, hundreds of billions spent and we're no safer. Video after the jump.

Greenwald writes,

We also know that there will be no economic recovery here at home as long as we're spending $100 billion a year on another war that isn't making us any safer - the war in Afghanistan.

That's why we're asking you to report the Afghanistan War as an example of waste, fraud and abuse on the White House's official economic recovery website, Recovery.gov, today. Simply scroll down to the field marked "What" and paste this message into the text box:

"I'd like to report the waste of billions of dollars of our national wealth in Afghanistan on a war that doesn't make us safer. It's fraud to portray this as a war that increases our security, and it's abusive of U.S. troops and local civilians to drag out this war any longer. End the war so we can have real economic recovery.'