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Glenn Beck on Healthcare Reform: "They've Injected Poison Into the Blood Stream"

Reported by Julie - March 19, 2010 -

Well, we can all breathe a sigh of relief -- Glenn Beck has assured us he's not going to leave the country if healthcare reform passes . . . well, unless it's Texas, "which may be a different country eventually." (Wait, isn't that a little bit, well, un-American?) Anyway, on last night's (3/18/10) "At Your Beck and Call" segment on The O'Reilly Factor, O'Reilly, as he is wont to do, taunted Beck a bit, asking, "But, how you gonna react when you have this big entitlement coming in, government telling you . . . what you gonna do, what you can't do?" It's Beck, so conspiracy theories abound. D-Day, global economic collapse, President Obama's secret, coded mission to send people to college, provide affordable healthcare, and make lives better. Life is full of horrors when you're Glenn Beck. With video.

Beck's not referred to as the "jack of no trades, master of none" for nothing. Well, okay, he's not really referred to as that, except by me.

"This is D-Day, if you will, but it's not the whole war . . . ." Beck the military strategist.

". . . I'm going to just continue to fight . . . ." Beck as David, battling Goliath.

"The economy is going to tank globally . . . ." Beck as a global economist.

O'Reilly reined him in, chiding, "Let's keep it in the Obamacare realm."

Glenn pointed out that when President Obama was talking to Bret Baier, he said that "this is just the beginning," and that they would build on it. "This is the starter home!" Beck said ominously.

O'Reilly predicted that Pelosi's not going to be Speaker of the House this time next year, to which Beck replied in a complete non sequitor, "They haven't given the Republic a tumor here, they've injected poison ["Poison," O'Reilly said skeptically] into the bloodstream . . . this is healthcare and education . . . you've lost all access to private dollars to get you into universities and colleges, you won't be able to have that, that's attached to this." While it's true that the sweeping healthcare reform and the bill "that would cut funding to private student lenders and redirect billions of dollars in expected savings into grants to needy students" is packaged together, what neither Beck nor O'Reilly mentioned is that since 1965, private lenders have made money on student loans -- tens of billions of dollars in subsidies -- while the government has assumed the risk. Also unmentioned was the fact that, as reported by boston.com, "nonpartisan congressional budget analysts" estimate the savings to be $60 billion over the course of a decade -- money which can be directly funneled to students.

O'Reilly stated unequivocally, "It's quite clear that President Obama wants federal control over health, education and the environment, there's no doubt about it . . . Blame the folks who voted for him, 53% of Americans. He didn't hide it during the campaign, he said it quite clearly, believe me he said it."

Beck disagreed that President Obama was honest during the campaign, saying, "Where the people who voted for him, where they got lost was, he's a master at saying half truths. You and I heard him say 'redistribution of wealth,' he said it to Joe the Plumber . . . then he said . . . social and economic justice."

What half truths? O'Reilly, usually fairly predictable as a Fox moderate when it comes to attacks on the President, stayed mum as Beck attempted to paint President Obama as an evil manipulator fooling the public into thinking he's, like, Ronald Reagan when he's really Fidel Castro. Uh-huh, Beck -- President Obama made it clear on many, many occasions during the campaign that he was all for sweeping changes in healthcare. And he also made no attempt to hide all those other evil plans, such as then-candidate Obama's call for "shifting more tax burden back to corporations and the wealthy, reversing various huge reductions for the upper echelon under Ronald Reagan and then George W. Bush . . . raise the minimum wage and/or the earned income tax credit . . . find a path toward universal health care, reversing a 60-year string of failures that started with Harry Truman . . . invest more in education and alternative energy . . . expanded benefits for veterans . . . and for improved post-combat screening of conditions that range from stress to traumatic brain injuries." I see little in candidate Obama's positions that differ widely from President Obama's positions.

Beck didn't elaborate. O'Reilly didn't ask.

O'Reilly poked a little more fun at Beck, concluding, "I just want to be clear . . . You're gonna not leave the country . . . you're gonna be here and you're just gonna continue to do what?"

"I just had my appendix removed," Beck said. "I may get a heart-lung transplant just because I can now . . . ."

I was thinking more along the lines of a frontal lobotomy. Do they still do those for crazy people, and will it be covered under the new healthcare plan?