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Still Avoiding Rev. Jim Wallis’ Challenge To Debate, Beck Smears Him As “Jeremiah Wright On Sedatives”

Reported by Ellen - March 18, 2010 -

As we posted previously, Glenn Beck seems to be too cowardly to debate Rev. Jim Wallis about Beck’s attacks on churches that promote “social justice.” Yesterday (3/17/10), “Christian” Beck perhaps thought he’d camouflage his cowardice by brazenly smearing Wallis - from the safety of Beck's television studio - and promising to spend an entire week of shows attacking Wallis further. With video.

Standing at his chalkboard, dotted with photographs of some of Beck’s usual targets, he said, “How about Jim Wallis? He’s the latest.” Beck gave one of his mocking, villainous laughs before sneering, “Oh, Jim, Jim, Jim, Jim, Jim, Jim, Jim, Jim.” He then promised that he’d do “a whole week” on “YOU with your spread the wealth, social justice nonsense. It’s Marxist. And you can hide behind all the sweet words now but after 30 years, America will know. I mean, they figured Jeremiah Wright out. Which, by the way, I think you are really kind of like Jeremiah Wright on sedatives. Jeremiah Wright, Marxist.