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Beck Smears 11Year Old For Speaking Out For Health Care Reform

Reported by Ellen - March 17, 2010 -

As Media Matters noted, Glenn Beck was just one of several right-wingers who attacked 11 year-old Marcelas Owens and his family after he spoke at a press conference with Senate Democrats in support of health care reform. But unlike Rush Limbaugh, Michelle Malkin or NewsBusters, Beck works for a news operation that could have investigated the inflammatory “questions” Beck raised about Owens’ mother’s death after losing her health insurance. But even if Owens had been a complete fraud (and Beck never offered any real evidence that anything Owens said had been untrue), it says a lot more about Beck and Co. that they would seize upon attacking a child and the family of a dead woman rather then focusing on advocating against health care reform on the merits. So who’s really exploiting whom? With video.

On his March 15, 2010 show, Beck complained about progressives “pull(ing) out all the stops” as sort of an introduction to his attacks on Owens’ family. “The way to get that power is to play on (your) compassion and they will stop at nothing to get what they want,” Beck said, as iff attacking a child, his dead mother and the family for the sake of political gain weren’t “stopping at nothing.”

Just so you knew he had a heart and nothing personal against the child he was about to smear, Beck prefaced his attacks by saying, “This is a terribly sad story… How do you not ache for him? But what he’s being put through now… is obscene. The senators are exploiting him and it’s absolutely despicable.”

Well, not despicable enough for Beck to do his own exploiting. Beck played a clip of Owens talking about his mother losing her job and health care and then her life. Owens’ mother was a health care advocate and Owens was shown saying he wanted to “finish her fight for health care.”

First, Beck scorned the “heartfelt compassion” dripping from Sen. Durbin and Sen. Schumer. But then Beck went on to attack Marcelas’ mother. “Yes, Marcelas’ Mom… got very sick. She lost her job and her health care. That part of the story is true. But even without health care, she went to the hospital and received treatment – at least two times. The second time was for eight days in the hospital. Now how is that not having access to health care?”

Beck was so intent on denigrating the family that he didn’t bother to report whether the mother’s treatment had been adequate, what follow up care she may have needed, what care she may have foregone because of the cost and what the care she got cost her.

“For whatever reason… she refused to go back to the doctor, despite the fact that she was vomiting blood. Was no one saying, ‘please go back to the doctor?’” Beck said, clearly suggesting her death had been her own fault, not one that we should be bothered about – except when it was being used to advocate against the Democratic bill.

Beck said that Washington State offered a “plethora” of assistance programs for women like her. “Why didn’t she enroll?” Beck asked, accusingly. “Did she enroll? These are the questions that were never answered with these stories because the answer too often doesn’t fit the agenda… Marcelas’ grandmother now says that they applied for Medicaid in the eight months between losing her job and when she did. Well, did they wait too long?”

But Beck didn’t bother to answer those questions, either. Was it because the answers didn’t fit HIS agenda?

Instead, he went after Marcelas’ grandmother. “She worked for a place called the Washington Community Action Network.” He sneered that the organization stands for “economic, racial, gender and social justice for all” and went on to suggest she’s a communist/Marxist/progressive.

Then, questioning why nobody at WCAN had helped Marcelas’ mother when she was ill, Beck asked, "Dare I ask, where was Grandma?"

You can ask Beck why he didn’t bother to find out the answers to the questions he attacked Democrats for not answering at me@glennbeck.com or glennbeck@foxnews.com.