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Fox News Uses Its Echo Chamber To Paint "The Green Zone" As Anti-American

Reported by Ellen - March 13, 2010 -

There's an article on Foxnews.com titled, Critics Decry Matt Damon Movie 'The Green Zone,' Calling It 'Anti-American'. The article states, "While "The Hurt Locker" was largely apolitical in its stance on the Iraq War, some say "The Green Zone" goes too far in blaming the United States government and manipulates audience members into rooting against American troops." It turns out that the "some" does not add up to more than one movie critic who happens to work at Fox News' sister outlet.

It's a neat twofer for Fox. It's a handy way to go after liberal Matt Damon, described in the post by a conservative pundit as, "an outspoken liberal and earnest about it... He's not doing it to get ahead. It would be one thing if you had an actor in this movie who is not very political, but it is another thing when you have an actor who picks vehicles like this because it gives them the chance to espouse their political views in a fictional format."

At the same time, the post gave Fox the opportunity to blow up the importance of a movie critic at the Post. If you actually read the post, it seems there's no other critic who has come to the same conclusion, at least not in the article - and one suspects they'd have been featured nearly as prominently as the Post critic if Fox had found one.

The article does gleefully note that, "The Buffalo News reported that two older couples walked out of a Tuesday night screening of the film." For all we know the film was terrible or the couples found it too violent. But then Fox notes, "But the News' arts editor, Jeff Simon, was kinder than Smith in his evaluation. He wrote that the movie is "'good in almost exactly the way film audiences have found off-putting about a war we're still ashamed to think too much about.'"

H/T Robert S.