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Tucker Carlson Pimps More Texas Textbook Propaganda On Fox & Friends

Reported by Priscilla - March 10, 2010 -

Famous “dick” and self proclaimed gay basher, Fox contributor Tucker Carlson is joining the Fox & Friends full court press, otherwise known as the “Texas Textbook Wars” which is surely on a par with, as Texans would describe it, the War of Northern Aggression. Obviously Fox is pulling out all the propaganda stops in order to reinforce its message about how the evil libruls are trying to push their evil godless views into Texas textbooks and because publishers gear their material toward Texas (as the biggest purchaser of books), this evil agenda could be coming to yer town. Carlson is funny. If, as one suspects, his children attend or attended a posh private school in the rolling, green suburbs of Virginia– say – an Episcopalian private school like the one that he did (posh St. George’s Academy in Newport, RI) they certainly would not be taught the kind of information being pushed to the audience of Fox & Friends. (Creationism – puleeze!) But Tucker has become a man of the people who knows that common folk don’t need no high faluting liberal lies. But he has no problems with conservative agitprop– that’s why he appeared on today’s Texas Textbook Two-fer which isn’t a step that he learned for “Dancing With the Stars;” but Fox & Friends’ daily dose of propaganda supporting the conservative side of the “Texas Textbook Wars.”

Update - The Texas Education Agency* has issued a press release which criticizes Fox & Friends for "highly inaccurate information about the State Board of Education's efforts to adopt the new social studies curriculum standards." They rebut specific misinformation which Fox & Friends has been promoting including the nonsense about starting the American History Course in 1877. You heard it here, folks. Maybe they did, too!

Doocy’s opening comment, about how “we have been telling you about a textbook controversy…” was a LOL moment. Right Steve, this is the fifth time in three days!!! He spoke about the activists who are voicing their concern. Carlson immediately launched into propaganda mode with the comment that the left is furious about the “possible reduction in the amount of left wing propaganda” such as material about a female “minor league farmer activist" that nobody cares about. “WASP” Tucker, a product of what one could define as an “elite” upbringing and education (not that there's anything wrong with that), might have been referring to Dolores Huerta, who co-founded the United Farm Workers with Cesar Chavez and who “served for over two decades as the union’s vice–president and chief lobbyist, savvy labor contract negotiator, and nationwide speaker.” (History, for Tucker, is a white man’s world where “nobody cares” about those “uppity” women who question the given order – particularly brown women!) Liberals are fighting to keep Cesar Chavez, “the most notable Latino figure of the 20th Century,” in the curriculum. (I’m sure Carlson doesn’t care about him, either). He then made the dubious, but right wing revisionist, claim that “Communists did infiltrate the US government after second world war” and that “McCarthy was right, to that extent.” Doocy concluded by saying that “people should be concerned. We should want all of the history, not just the edited version.”

Comment: Right, Doocy. We should have all of the history and not edit out contributions of women, union members, and minorities. We should also have all sides of this issue and that ain't happening. And if you want to have all sides of the issue, perhaps you should show a video which is on the Fox website – a video which shows students, from the University of Texas, marching to “save our history.” They are “concerned that the far right members on the state board are trying to force their personal and political agendas on the children of Texas.” They’re not on your side, Steve. I do hope that you mention it on your next propaganda piece!

Video of Student Protest

*Correction - the Texas Education Agency, not the Texas Board of Education