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Despite The Flag-Waving, News Corp. Is In Bed With A Terror-Financing Saudi Prince

Reported by Ellen - March 10, 2010 -

You can hardly turn on Fox News without hearing that President Obama is soft on terror or worse. Yet there's a real terrorism ally right there in the Fox News corporate structure. As Buzz Flash writes, "Rupert Murdoch has enthusiastically welcomed as his 4th largest FOX shareholder a Saudi Prince who blamed the U.S. for the 9/11 attacks, funds families of suicide bombers, and reportedly has other shady ties to the extremist Wahhabi jihadist movement."

Buzz Flash also notes, Prince Al-Waleed bin Talal has long held some portion of the News Corp. stock, but as he has risen to the fourth-highest shareholder in the company, criticism for his involvement with the company has grown. Joseph Trento reports that while Al-Waleed regularly defends his home nation as pristine, interviewers tend to ignore the large donations to the families of suicide bombers he reportedly makes. Generally, organizations or governments pay the families of suicide bombers as a kind of reward for the actions of their deceased relatives. As such, Al-Waleed's donations would, in effect, count as supporting terrorism, a particularly onerous recognition for the "fair and balanced" news source. Somehow, Glenn Beck managed to miss connecting those dots on his chalkboard.

Read more and express your outrage here. You can also join Buzz Flash's "Turn Off Fox" campaign here.