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Bill O’Reilly Defends “Focus On The Family,” Attacks The NCAA, Defines Jehmu Greene As “Baby Killer”

Reported by Priscilla - March 7, 2010 -

It’s not surprising that Bill O’Reilly, a “traditionalist” guy who mourns the loss of the white, Christian, male power structure would be against tolerance. He is, after all, promoting a world view straight out of “Father Knows Best” – a world where abortion was done in back alleys and homosexuality didn’t exist – but when it did manifest itself, it resulted in beating/arrests/ imprisonment. Ah, good times. So it wasn’t surprising that Bill O’Reilly would defend Focus on the Family – a group whose desire to bring America back to a mythic past is right in synch with O’Reilly’s. Only in Bill O’Reilly’s intolerant and bizarro world is the decision by the NCAA, to reject ads from the intolerant Focus because of the organization’s position on homosexuality and abortion, considered an egregious violation of freedom of speech (Bill’s a real 1st Amendment fan?) and an attempt to shut down the multimillion dollar operation known as Focus on the Family. Last week he interviewed Jehmu Greene, of the Women’s Media Center, about this dire situation. O’Reilly spoke with Greene, earlier in the year, about the protest involving the Focus on the Family ads in the Super Bowl. At that time he burnished his anti-choice creds. He did it again, with a verbal and very offensive sleight of hand, in saying that Greene could be described as a “baby killer” by the organization that he defends – thus underscoring Greene’s very cogent argument about the Focus’ intolerance which promoted the NCAA decision.

Bill introduced the segment by stating the NCAA pulled a “celebrate family, celebrate life” ad from its website “after some complaints.” He told Greene that “the ad seems harmless.” Greene, so poised and in such command of the facts, explained that the agenda of Focus is not consistent with the policies, regarding diversity, of the NCAA and that the young people, involved with the NCAA do not accept the policies of Focus. She explained that the “harmless” nature of the “benign” ad is an attempt to generate traffic on their website. When she said that Focus is intolerant, homophobic, and anti-women, Bill said that it “doesn’t matter.” When she said that these are not values that she grew up with Bill said that he respected Greene for “coming in here” and cited his report on Rev. Wright and Farrahkan in which he said that they have a right to say anything they want, so does Focus on the Family; but “you want to shut em down…that’s not what America is.” When she rebutted that there is a right to protest, Bill said that there is no right to “pull.” She countered that CBS, the NFL, and the NCAA do have a right and cited the recent Supreme Court decision bestowing “personhood” on corporations. Greene was even more forceful when she said that Focus “wants the government to come into my home and my family when it comes to a medical decision.” Bill asserted that they have the right to “advocate whatever they want” and that this is a “cowardly move.” As she spoke he talked over her and accused her of wanting to shut down Focus and “have them not get out their message” and that’s un-American. Bill then went all apples and oranges by saying that Greene did not want the Women’s Media Center to be shut down. She said that Focus’ position on homosexuality has no place in the sports. Bill accused the NCAA of cowardice and urged his viewer to “let them hear about it.” He then went totally over the edge when he claimed that Focus would say that Greene “wants a *holocaust on babies, she wants to kill millions of babies.” He added that he would defend Greene against that charge by saying that Greene has a right to her opinion – but then said that Greene doesn’t give them the same right. Green countered brilliantly by saying that the NCAA has a responsibility to those who support them and cited the fact that today’s young people are the most diverse and the most tolerant generation in our history and won’t put up with this. Bill said “whattaymean, are we living in Burma?” He repeated “they would say to you, you want to kill babies”

Comment: Bill O’Reilly is a hypocrite. This is the guy who attacked Pepsi for hiring the anti-Bush rapper Ludicris for its advertising. As noted by the WMC, the Ludacris ad was pulled. As a capitalist, doesn’t Bill support the notion that businesses are free to do what they want regarding their advertisers? (I suspect that he would defend Focus if it rejected Planned Parenthood ads!) And if he has a beef with the NCAA, shouldn’t he have interviewed somebody from that organization whose members, including faculty and athletic directors, are vehemently opposed to Focus’ positions on abortion and homosexuality? But Bill got his message out and if you google Jehmu Greene/baby killer, you’ll find this comment from one of Bill’s fans: “Jehmu the Killer Whale on O’Reilly.” Was Bill assuming that Focus would describe Greene in this way or was he offering his own, very offensive opinion? I don’t recall Bill being outraged when the Super Bowl rejected an ad from the United Church of Christ because the ad, which touted their acceptance of gays, was too controversial for their standards. The NCAA should be congratulated for taking a stand against intolerance. Too bad we can’t say the same for Bill O’Reilly.

*The Anti Defamation League has issued a statement that the abortion/holocaust link is very offensive.