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Sorry, O'Reilly, Wrong Again -- No Awards Ceremony at Living Legends in Chicago . . . Wright, Farrakhan and Pfleger Were Not Even on Stage Together . . . And I Know, 'Cause I Was There

Reported by Julie - March 6, 2010 -

On last night's (3/5/10) O'Reilly Factor/At Your Beck and Call segment, O'Reilly trumpeted, for, what is it, the third or fourth night (lost count), "Reverend Jeremiah Wright is giving himself a Living Legend award tonight in Chicago, isn't that nice? And he's also giving Louis Farrakhan and radical priest Michael Pfleger the same honor. Kinda strange." Buzzer sounds -- wrong answer, Bill. Phone a friend? Enter stage left, Glenn Beck, to help O'Reilly mock and ridicule an awards ceremony that never even happened.

"All right . . . and tonight, big show in Chicago . . . Farrakhan, Wright, Pfleger, all on the same stage, giving each other awards." Buzzer sounds -- wrong answer, again, Bill. Let me lend a hand . . . and the truth shall set you free. See, O'Reilly, I was at the Living Legends Educating 365 benefit tonight at the Regal Theater, a Chicago landmark on the south side. Let's start at zero, which basically equals the number of accurate facts you have: Reverend Jeremiah Wright, Minister Louis Farrakhan and Father Michael Pfleger were not on the stage last night -- it was a benefit concert, and no awards were given. And Reverend Wright giving himself an award? More bad reporting, Bill: Dr. Wright had nothing to do with the event, or its planning. With video.

Simply put, the event was a benefit concert. There were musical and comedy performances, and Wright, Farrakhan and Pfleger sat front and center -- in the audience -- and watched the show. They never hit the stage. They never gave a speech. They never received an award. At the end of the show, they rose and left the theater, along with the rest of the audience, mingled a moment and went their separate ways.

Earlier in the day yesterday, I contacted a spokesperson at Grace of God, NFP, who clarified that the event was a benefit concert presented by Grace of God, and no actual awards would be given. She also told me that Dr. Wright is a client of Grace of God, NFP, and Grace of God planned the event in celebration of Black History Month. It's also notable that Dr. Wright didn't even know he was booked until two weeks before the event, and had nothing to do with the event or the planning of it.

"There's no third party involved here . . . ." It's called journalism, Bill. Try it sometime.