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Bill O’Reilly Makes A Big Deal About Chicago Media Ignoring His Big Smear Story

Reported by Priscilla - March 6, 2010 -

Bill O’Reilly is a big man. Be it his manly attributes, his belief that he won a big victory in the “war on Christmas,” and his big ratings, Bill’s big cranium is made even larger with fantasies about himself and his big impact on the world as we know it. This was quite apparent in his recent interview with a Chicago journalist during which he cited his big show as an example for mainstream media to follow if they want good ratings. This was just one of several O’Reilly pieces, from the past week, which showed big Bill making a big deal out of something that he felt was very big. The upcoming Chicago event, titled “Living Legends Educating 365,” was billed, by “living legend” in his own mind Bill O’Reilly, as something quite sinister and seditious. He discussed it on two shows (Here and Here) and wrote a column about it. News Hounds, Julie (who was there) reports that this was merely a benefit concert – no big deal! During the concert, Louis Farrakhan, the Rev. Jeremiah Wright, and the Rev. Michael Phleger were cited for their work in the poor, inner city community. Sadly, for Bill, who spends his time in a Long Island Soundside mcmansion, the evil, librul mainstream media wasn’t making a big deal out of this evil un-American event, and for that they got a big wag of Bill’s finger in a segment that smeared two of Bill's big targets for smearing - the mainstream media and outspoken religious leaders associated with an inner city African American community.

Update – Fox News.com writer Ruth Ravve wrote a short article about Rev. Wright’s benefit concert. Her description is similar to News Hounds Julie’s. Regarding the men whom O’Reilly attacked, she says “there wasn't much said. In fact, the three sat quietly together, in the audience.” (Not, as Bill said, "together on stage") So no hateful commentary about white people and no awards including one given by Rev. Wright to himself. Nothing controversial. Ask Bill if he’s going to correct his lies and apologize for his smears: oreilly@foxnews.com

Bill began his Thursday night (March 4th) segment by claiming that Farrakhan, Wright, and Phleger were going to receive awards. That, as Julie points out, turned out to be a lie. He added another lie – that Wright was giving himself an award. He then asserted that “nobody is covering this.” He introduced his guest, Hermene Hartman, publisher of “N’Digo”, a Chicago publication geared towards the minority community, and then went on about how he couldn’t find anything in the Chicago media about this event. (He didn’t try too hard because the upcoming event was cited in a February column of the Chicago Sun-Times.) He wanted to know why “there was a news blackout” about Farrakhan, Wright, and Phleger who would “all be on the same stage.” That turned out to be a lie, too. When he asked why the big papers in Chicago weren’t covering this, Hartman said he would have to ask them. She added it wasn’t unusual that events in the black community aren’t covered by the major newspapers. He insisted that “this is big, this is big” and “all of these guys are controversial, if David Duke showed up in Chicago…and was getting a living legend award…I guarantee you the media would be all over it.” (Uh, Duke is not a religious leader involved in improving a poor community) Ms. Hartmann, very poised, said that this was a bad example and that the men whom O’Reilly was demonizing are men who are committed to the minority community and (unlike Bill) are “well respected.” Bill’s big ego took over when he insisted that Hartmann see it as Bill saw it. He said that Farrahkan was anti-Semitic and Wright (who unlike chickenhawk Bill served in a US theater of war) was anti-American. He then went back to his David Duke analogy and said “that thing wouldn’t go, they’d shut it down.” Bill disagreed with Hartman’s point that he “takes these people out of context” and that “you need to look at them where they are.” She explained that the event would be a book signing for Wright’s new book which is a history of Trinity Church. Bill then claimed that the media is not reacting to this because “they are afraid” and that the Chicago television media is “afraid that if they cover it somebody will say something negative and they’ll get calls…” He claimed that the “Trib” is asking if they “want to get involved and say negative things about these guys because we know all kinds of grief is gonna come down.” He repeated that “it was a big story.” When Hartman said that a recent Farrakhan speech was well covered by the media, Bill said that those in attendance heard all kinds of vile things. (Oh, the irony) After Bill claimed that “it wasn’t white media that attended,” Hartman disagreed. Bill, who wasn’t there, insisted that the white presence wasn’t “that much.” She then cited all the mainstream media outlets that were there. But then came Bill’s big moment. He said that his show from the previous evening, which featured a discussion on this, had “huge ratings, huge, millions and millions of people watch. No other national program, believe me they could use the ratings department, I’m beating em five to one, they can use it, they won’t touch it.” Hartman nailed it when she said that was because “you do the controversy, you do the sensational…you track these guys.” Big Bill said “you bet.”

Comment: Is Bill trying to say that he, unlike the Chicago media, isn’t “afraid” to be labeled a racist for his twisted, racially tinged, and “sensational” coverage of three religious leaders who work in the minority community? He obviously doesn’t understand that the folks at the “Trib” are journalists and not right wing bloviators whose job seems to be creating racial divisions in our society. As journalists, they wouldn’t see the Chicago event as the kind of big deal that Bill made it out to be – hence, the lack of coverage because the situation didn’t warrant it. But when Bill makes a big deal about something, then all media must follow suit because if America’s Big Daddy ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy! The “Sun Times” coverage, about the event to benefit Trinity Child Care Centers, St. Sabina Academy and Kwame Nkrumah Academy, was so much more reasonable than Bill’s. They said this about the three men who were attacked by O’Reilly: they “have their fans and detractors, but at the end of the day, truly care about the African-American community and its challenges.” All O’Reilly cares about is himself. As such, he is a very little man.