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Beck And O’Reilly Debate Black Boogeymen: Is Van Jones “As Bad” As Wright And Farrakhan?

Reported by Ellen - March 6, 2010 -

As if Bill O’Reilly had not already obsessed enough about Louis Farrakhan and Rev. Jeremiah Wright this week, O’Reilly reprised the race-oriented attacks on The O'Reilly Factor last night (3/5/10) with Glenn Beck, of all people. Yes, O’Reilly, the guy who couldn’t get over how a predominantly black restaurant was just like “any other” restaurant, got together with the guy who has lost more than a hundred advertisers since calling President Obama “a racist with a deep-seated hatred for white people or the white culture,” to complain that the mainstream media won’t “say anything bad about Wright or Farrakhan.” And after O’Reilly and Beck agreed that Wright and Farrakhan had not gotten their just opprobrium, they moved on to debate whether Van Jones was just as bad as the other two or not. With video.

As Julie very nicely laid out in a previous post, O’Reilly had sneered earlier in the week about an awards ceremony for Wright and Farrakhan, among others, and a concert that was also a benefit for various charities in their Chicago community. Other than the fact that O’Reilly is (questionably) accusing Wright of giving himself an award (when, as Julie noted, it appears to be his daughter doing it) and the fact that it’s Fox News’ Black Boogeyman Wright and Black Boogeyman Farrakhan being honored, it’s hard to understand what their problem is.

After more than a minute of contemptuous ridiculing of the event, O’Reilly complained, “The media is afraid of (Wright and Farrakhan). That’s why they’re not covering this.” What O’Reilly appeared to really mean is that’s why the media is not denigrating the event. Maybe I missed something that was on an earlier segment but other than the fact that O’Reilly doesn’t approve of Wright and Farrakhan, he never explained what was so newsworthy about the two getting some local award (after all, it’s not the Presidential Medal of Freedom) that benefits some local community groups.

Beck didn’t explain either. He just added a further dig by suggesting the mainstream media might be the latest radical to add to his "Tree of Revolution” act. “Either that or they agree with them.”

“If they say anything bad about Wright or Farrakhan… they being the local news or the Chicago Trib, they’re gonna have people march,” O’Reilly said. I must have missed the protest marches during the spring of 2008 when Wright was on the news 24/7 on Fox and elsewhere. Or is top-ratings-getter Fox News still pretending it’s not part of the mainstream media?

“The real important part of the story… is the intimidation factor,” O’Reilly added. Obviously what he meant was, if Wright and Farrakhan weren’t black, the other networks would be covering them and scrutinizing them more harshly. But I think you could more easily argue that if Wright and Farrakhan weren’t black, they WOULD NOT be making news on Fox. People get awards every day. I don’t usually see Fox News out scouring the bushes to see who deserves an award and who doesn’t – well, except for Obama’s Nobel Peace Prize. What a coincidence that he’s black, too.

Then it was time to move on to Jones. Now what does Jones have to do with Farrakhan or Wright or the awards ceremony that he appeared to have no role in? Let’s see, could the connection be that Jones is also an African American?

As though to mitigate Beck’s relentless, vicious attacks on Jones, O’Reilly said, “We want to make it clear you didn’t want him to get fired. He got fired because of his background.”

Actually, Jones resigned, probably as a result of the witch hunts against him. But I digress.

Apropos of nothing, O’Reilly added, “Jones, Farrakhan, Wright. I don’t think Jones is nearly as bad as those guys.” Don’t tell me it wasn’t a calculated move to give Beck an opening for another round of his obsessive, gratuitous attacks on Jones while playing the part of the good guy.

Sure enough, Beck took the bait. “I don’t think there’s a lot of difference between them… The difference is, is that Van Jones has been homogenized. Van Jones watches his language.”

As “proof,” they just happened to have on hand the now-famous clip of Jones saying, (after receiving an award, no less) “I see you and I love you, brother” to Beck. It was the perfect revenge – not a hint of enmity and yet Beck has obviously been smarting over the bruise to his fragile widdle ego.

Mockingly, Beck said, “Van? See you. Love you.” I guess the widdle ego was still smarting.

Then it was time for the outright malice. “The difference here is that Van Jones used to say all of the same things. I believe he believes all of the same thing as these guys,” Beck continued.

O’Reilly replied, “See, I don’t think he was that bad. I think he is a communist. I do believe that he is.” Then, in a non-sequitor, he added, “I think he sees every piece of furniture you have.” Meaning what? Jones has been casing Beck’s mansion? To redistribute the wealth to all his like-minded commie homie peeps?

Beck began mugging for the camera. “Did he just say, ‘I don’t think he’s that bad? Oh, he’s a communist, sure.’”

Just another segment of smearing on Fox News – all in good fun, of course.